Virus outbreak was an accident? Director of the Wuhan lab, talks about theory

The head of laboratory of the Institute for Virology in Wuhan, China has rejected accusations that his device could be the origin of the Corona pandemic. “I know that this is impossible,” said Yuan Zhiming, the state broadcaster CGTN on Saturday.

None of his employees have been infected. His Team knows exactly "what kind of research at the Institute and how the Institute with viruses and samples umgeht".

Between the United States and China has developed a slugfest to the origin of the novel Coronavirus. The US government has not, does not exclude according to their own statements, that the Virus as indicated by the Chinese authorities, from a wild animal market in Wuhan, the people passed, but from the outside of the million-metropolis of nearby Bio-lab comes.

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Circuit: reports US media is based "exclusively on Spekulationen"

Because the laboratory was in the place where the Virus was in December for the first time, occurred to Wake the people automatically associations, said Yuan. Some of the media tried but "intentionally, the people in the crazy to führen". The reports of the US media were based "exclusively on Spekulationen", not to "Prove or Wissen".

The Institute had already rejected in February, the then circulating rumors. Therefore, the laboratory workers in Wuhan, received on 30. December for the first time, samples of the unknown Virus and decoded its genome at the 2. January. The information about the pathogens are then at 11. January, the world health organization (WHO) has been passed.

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