Hardship could harm children’s language skills

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are three times more likely to develop difficulties with language than those from more affluent areas, research suggests. Researchers say the findings highlight the need for policies to address the social factors that can hamper speech, language and communication (SLC) development. Failing to do so means children might not fully develop […]

Lymphoma stage at diagnosis may predict when and where new cancer forms

With improved treatments, especially the use of anti-cancer immunotherapies, more than two-thirds of all patients diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) will survive. However, after treatment, patients are at a small but real risk of developing a new cancer, called a second primary cancer. Now a Colorado study of long term DLBCL survivors shows, […]

Stem cell transplant reverses disabling MS-like disease

A stem cell transplant reversed a debilitating neurological disease that causes half of the patients to go blind and lose the ability to walk five years after diagnosis. Most of the patients stayed better five years after the transplant and were able to avoid drug treatment that cost up to $500,000 yearly, reports a new […]

An oral anticoagulant delays the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease in mice

Scientists at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) have identified a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Working together with a scientific team at the Rockefeller University in New York, the investigators have shown that treatment with the oral anticoagulant dabigatran delays the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease in mice. The results published today in the […]

Cameron Mathison Reveals He Is 'Cancer-Free' in First Public Appearance After Kidney Surgery

Cameron Mathison is cancer-free! Over the weekend, the Hallmark Channel host, 50, attended the American Humane Hero Dog Awards in Beverly Hills with his wife Vanessa, and shared on Instagram that his kidney cancer surgery last month was a success. “First night out post surgery at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards🐶💪🏼😌 Grateful to be feeling so […]

Experimental growth factor shows promise for treating knee osteoarthritis

More than 10 percent of Americans over age 60 experience knee pain related to osteoarthritis, the most common disease of the knee joint. Osteoarthritis of the knee causes pain, activity limitation, physical disability, reduced health-related quality of life and excess mortality compared with the general population. The pain is usually treated with over-the-counter pain relievers, […]

How to keep cool in a blackout during a heatwave

Researchers from the University’s Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory simulated heatwave conditions to examine the effect of using water in different ways—on a person’s core temperature, cardiovascular strain, risk of dehydration and comfort levels. The results, published today in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), show that compared to just drinking water, applying normal tap water […]

Unpleasant mucus in the throat: These five tips and home remedies help

Mucus in the throat is an ugly side-effect of flu-like infections and is accompanied by frequent throat clearing and coughing. Usually the mucus Symptom occurs in combination with a strong cold. Finally, nose, throat, and neck are closely related. Although the cold subsides, keeps mucus-like, persistent. These five home remedies can help the mucus in […]

Important steps to prevent dementia

Alzheimer’s disease wreaks emotional havoc on patients, who are robbed of their memories, their dignity, and their lives. It’s financially devastating as well: care for Alzheimer’s patients is predicted to top $1 trillion by the time children born today are having children of their own. More than 70,000 Kentuckians are living with Alzheimer’s disease, which […]

New study challenges our understanding of premature ageing

Disturbances in the function of mitochondrial DNA can accelerate the ageing process in ways that are different than previously thought, according to a new Finnish study published in Nature Metabolism. Offering a new perspective to ageing, the researchers suggest that accelerated ageing is the result of abnormal cell nucleotide levels and compromised nuclear DNA maintenance. […]