Spanish Trainer Leads Quarantined Neighbours Through Rooftop Workout

In a video shared to social media over the weekend, a Seville-based PT named Gonzalo can be seen leading a fitness class via the rooftop of his apartment complex. As the residents watch on from their balconies, Gonzalo demonstrates a set of jumping jacks, squats and reverse lunges.

“No matter how adverse the circumstances are, we are going to make the best of it,” the original post read.

Speaking with TODAY, Luis Javier, a manager at the gym that Gonzalo works at, explained how he had organised the class through WhatsApp.

“All the neighbours were having a hard time and sad, but now, every day they are looking forward to the time for their training. It is a healthy idea, which helps people feel much better and face the situation in Spain in a positive way,” he said.

So many people have commended the community’s creativity, as the realities of self-isolation begin to set in.

“Love this! Way to go Spain! Our Sunday morning running group are opting to do a workout together instead using zoom today in order to respect social distancing,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Can’t make it to that group workout? Spain has the solution!” added someone else. “#CovidLifeHacks.”

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