Coronavirus continues to spread – and that makes it so treacherous

Six people have now died as a result of infection with the novel Coronavirus in China. Apparently, the pathogen spreads faster than previously thought. FOCUS Online answers the most important questions.

The Coronavirus is spreading in China, surprisingly fast, To the 300 people are now infected with the new type of lung disease. Among them, 170 patients in the Central Chinese 11-million-inhabitant metropolis of Wuhan. There, the disease had occurred at the end of December for the first Time on a fish and poultry market. So far, six people have died. The clinically confirmed cases but lost in the majority of mild.

The London-based centre for the analysis of global viral diseases estimates that the actual number of Infected is now much higher than Beijing, stated: It is informed on Friday that out of more than 1700 Infected.

The world health organization (WHO) has convened an emergency meeting for Wednesday. The experts want to advise about whether an international health emergency is declared.

How does the Virus?

Experts from the WHO and in China now that the Virus is transmitted not only by animal-to-human, but also human-to-human. So far there is no indication of infection via the respiratory tract.

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What is the novel Coronavirus, and what are the symptoms?

The mysterious Virus causes lung inflammation. It belongs to the family of corona viruses, a virus group, the Cold symptoms to diseases with schwerwiegenderem course, such as Mers or Sars triggers. The Sars epidemic had died in the years 2002 and 2003, nearly 350 people in mainland China, as well as nearly 300 in Hong Kong.

The new Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, has not been diagnosed before the end of last year, when people. Symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It is assumed that the time from infection until the onset of the disease can be up to 14 days.

Apparently, the confirmed disease of the cases are, however, much milder than that of the Sars-Coronavirus. Mainly older population groups. People who died as a result of the viral disease were already chronically ill.

31.12.2019: message to the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China: pneumonia cases of unknown origin in Wuhan. The incidents are first brought to the fish market.

01.01.2020: The fish market for cleaning and disinfecting closed.

05.01.2020: The number of reported cases rises to 59.

09.01.2020: report CDC China: 19 of the 59 cases on novel Coronavirus with relatives of the SARS Coronavirus due (New Coronavirus: 2019-nCoV). The virus genome is sequenced and published.

16.01.2020: 44 confirmed cases: Wuhan City (41), Thailand (2), Japan (1); of these, 2 deaths (61 and 69 years, severe pre-existing conditions). All of the foreign cases go back to Wuhan travelers. It is developed as a first diagnostic test for 2019-nCoV. The WHO published a test Protocol.

Where appeared the Virus so far?

So far, including at least 15 hospital workers have been infected, especially people in Wuhan, with 2019-nCoV,. However, the spread is no longer on the metropolis limited. In Beijing, it has been demonstrated in five patients and in Shanghai in a patient, the South China province of Guangdong reported 15 cases.

In South Korea, the novel Coronavirus have been diagnosed for the first time. Is affected a 35-year-old Chinese woman, who has resided previously in Wuhan. Scattered infections were previously reported from Thailand and Japan.

Risk, of Contracting in Germany?

For Germany, no acute risk assessment the Federal government currently. The Federal Ministry of health referred to an assessment of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), according to which the risk for Germany "very gering" be. The outbreak of the disease, but "Reason for special observations and Analysen".

Also known is the human-to-human transmission is a possibility, the experts from the RKI from a “low risk”. “The Virus is apparently not easily transferable,” said RKI spokeswoman Susanne Glasmacher on request by FOCUS Online, but only if there is close contact with those Affected. The Virus would be easily transferable, he would spread faster and "we would beobachten&quot more cases;, glass-maker says.

For health care facilities in Germany, the RKI has written, nevertheless, as a precaution recommendations. It explains what to do in case of suspicion.

When should you leave on corona virus test?

Anyone who has had contact with a man who was probably or confirmed infected with the Coronavirus, and also respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, cough, and neck pain should ask a doctor for advice. Likewise, you should let the Virus test, who suffers from a lung inflammation and in addition, up to a maximum of 14 days before the onset of Disease in China, especially in Wuhan, has stopped.


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There are travel instructions and controls?

The Foreign office said in its Travel advice for China, the risk for German travelers in Wuhan, as "moderate eingeschätzt". Travellers urged to avoid contact with sick people and animals, no markets with animal products and to "on an adequate Handhygiene" to pay attention to. In the case of fever and signs of respiratory infection should immediately consult a doctor.

Asian neighbors, and several airports in other countries around the world have introduced because of the new lung disease, in the meantime, fever checks when entering the country from Wuhan.

The airport in Frankfurt am Main sees itself well-prepared against the novel coronavirus from China. "We are in close coordination with the authorities and exchanging information with other airports, aus", a spokeswoman for the operator said Fraport. Currently, there are "no need to ergreifen&quot further action;.

The airport is related to the travel and safety guidelines of the world health organization (WHO) and the Federal foreign office. In the past epidemics, he was very well prepared, said the spokeswoman. It should come to a further spread of the lung disease, would be trained in the emergency services, to be able to identify symptoms. From Frankfurt there are no direct flights to the Chinese metropolis Wuhan.

What happens if the WHO declares health emergency?

The WHO calls an international health emergency, we recommend you to stronger measures to combat the disease. This includes, among other things, border controls, the Setting up of specialised treatment centres or possible vaccination of healthcare professionals can belong to.

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Corona Virus spreads: Significantly more Infected than previously thought

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