Because Coronavirus: Austria at all events, for an indefinite period of time says

The Austrian government is taking further measures in the fight against the Coronavirus. As Chancellor, Sebastian told Briefly on Sunday on Twitter, says all the events on time.

According to news Agency "Reuters" ‘ve decided the Chancellery, to already prohibits Meeting with more than five people.

All Austrians will be asked, therefore, to isolate as much as possible and to limit social contacts to people with whom they live together. This restriction of freedom of movement relates to, according to the Short "Sports courts, playgrounds, and other places of public meeting."

More drastic travel restrictions

Starting Tuesday, Restaurants will be closed completely. The food supply of supermarkets and delivery services guaranteed. In order to secure the supply of the country in the long term, to military units support the police in the country strengthened and "a necessary and strategic Reserve for the logistical challenges sein", informed Short.

Also, the entry requirements will be further restricted and tightened. People from the Netherlands, Russia and the Ukraine will be prohibited from entering the country. Similarly, the flight will be set to the connections in these countries. In addition, the German Chancellor, has caused a Short, "to verlängern&quot existing civil servants; and other people who were in the last five years in this field, to actively mobilise again for the medical and nursing service, so that potential bottlenecks in this sector can be prevented.

"We are aware that these are massive restrictions. But these are necessary to protect the health of the Austrian population, COVID-19 starve & to schützen&quot especially to the older Generation in our country;, explained Briefly the decisions. Until Saturday, around 800 people were in Austria, infected with the Virus, so far, a dead man was discovered.

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