Seriously ill Corona-patients in Austria after treatment with blood plasma cured

In Austria, several Covid have recovered-19-patients of their severe lung disease after being treated with the blood plasma healed Coronavirus patients. The experimental therapy approach was delivered in three patients in the hospital of Graz, very good results, said the Grazer infections Loge Robert Krause at a press conference on Thursday.

In the case of the blood plasma therapy, it was a "Option for selected patients not on all ├╝bertragbar" was, said Krause. In particular, two patients were treated, the other pre-existing medical conditions suffered and a very weakened immune system had. It can also come in the treatment of the data according to side effects such as allergic reactions.

A total of 20 Corona treated in Austria in the past-patients with blood plasma. So that further Tests can be made, called on the Red cross on Thursday to blood plasma donations. So far, around 200 people in Austria had a donation ready.

Treatment with blood plasma is currently tested in several countries, including France, the USA, Switzerland and China. However, are needed for reliable statements about the effectiveness of more medical data.

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