Coronavirus: respiratory masks for Healthy currently unnecessary

In order to protect themselves against infection with the Coronavirus, need Healthy in Germany according to current knowledge, no respiratory protection masks. "Many patients can be due to reports in the media, or the Internet &ndash confuse; serious information there are in the pharmacy in front of Ort", Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. In many pharmacies, respiratory protection masks are sold out now.

Benkert: "Everyone wants to protect themselves, which is understandable. But you have to differentiate, whether a healthy person in the tram &ndash wants to protect; or whether in a practice or in a hospital outpatient clinic, a doctor with suspected cases of bypasses." The national Robert Koch-Institute recommends not Healthy, as a preventive measure with respiratory protection equip. Clear recommendations, there are devoted to Hygiene: anyone Who wants to protect themselves from infections with respiratory diseases, attention to scrupulous hand hygiene and keeps the already culturally provided courtesy distance from other people in the public space.

Mask does not equal mask

The surgical mouth-nose protection, familiar to many from the pictures from China, protects healthy carriers is not reliable against infection. It is designed to protect the environment from an infected wearer. Such protection can be useful if someone is sitting with a respiratory disease, for example, in a waiting room. So that it is effective, must be worn the mouth-nose protection close-fitting and moisture are changed. In addition, it should not be touched with the hands.

Respiratory protection masks should protect, for example, Doctors in dealing with patients suffering from infections. They are also called FFP-masks (filtering face piece) and can make it difficult to Breathe. They belong together with safety glasses and gloves for professional protective clothing.


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