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Increase in diseases of liver cancer found

Although in the fight against liver cancer in the last years great progress in the prevention of the disease have been achieved, the Rates still continue to rise, as a recent study shows.

In the case of the recent investigation by the Fudan University in China, it was found that the Rates of liver cancer are on the increase around the world. The results of the study were published in the English journal “CANCER”.

How were the data used?

The Chinese researchers evaluated for their study, the data of the Global Burden of Disease Study from the year 1990 up to the year 2017, in order to obtain Trends, and estimates of liver cancer according to age, gender, Region and cause, which related to a total of 195 countries and territories.

Liver cancer cases in the younger age decreased

They found that the Rates of liver cancer, rise in the world, although great progress in the prevention of the disease have been achieved. Worldwide, the cases of diagnosed liver cancer at the age of 30 years, 17.381, in 1990, went back on 14.661 in the year 2017.

In the case of older people, the Rates increased from liver cancer

However, the cases increased from liver cancer in the 30 to 59 years old Participating of 216.561 in 1990 to 359.770 in the year 2017. Among people who were aged 60 years or older, increased deaths in the same period of 241.189 on 578.344.

Results were in the age-adjusted

After the results were in the age-adjusted (to allow comparison of populations if the age profiles of the populations are different), noted the research group that the incidence of liver cancer, which was diagnosed before the age of 30 years and from the ages of 30 and 59 years decreased in both sexes.

Dramatic increase in in men found

This could, however, also be observed that in older adults, the Rates increased in men and in women remained stable. In comparison to the women, it shears gave the men a dramatic increase of cases of liver cancer that was diagnosed from the age of 60 years. Also, a slower decline in cases has been identified, which were diagnosed at the age of 30 to 59 years.

Hepatitis B vaccination against liver cancer will protect?

The younger adults observed decline was largely attributed to Hepatitis B vaccination back. It is known that the Hepatitis may be the cause of B Virus liver cancer. The decrease was in most of the regions are consistent, with the exception of the industrial countries, increases in the liver cancer rates regardless of gender and age. Cancer of the liver that is caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or fat deposits in the liver, increased in most regions.

Older people need to be better against cancer of the liver is protected

The results of the study suggest that older people will not be paid to the current efforts to the prevention of cancer of the liver plenty of attention. In addition, underline the rising concerns about obesity as a risk factor for liver cancer. The strategies for the prevention of liver cancer should be tailored, both in the developing as well as developed countries, and updated, report the researchers. (as)