The death of a Corona-infected infant is shaken, the United States

The Coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the US firmly in its grip: more than 20,000 people, according to official Numbers from the Saturday, in the meantime, the consequences of the Coronavirus died. In the United States, the number of dead rose to more than 2100. In the Chinese city of Wuhan, the starting point of the pandemic, returned to some normality. In Spain, the public life is hazards, however, further down.

Worldwide, more than 30,000 Corona-related deaths were reported, more than 640,000 people were infected. Italy, with more than 10,000 deaths continue to be the most affected by the pandemic-affected country in the world. Within 24 hours of 889 people died there, at the from novel Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19.

The USA have overtaken China and Italy in the number of diseases now, and the country with the most infectious, with more than 124,000 cases of the world. More than 2100 people in the United States died of lung disease Covid-19.

Death of an infant is shaken, the United States

Including a baby from Chicago. The Governor of the state of Illinois, by J. B. Pritzker, said on Saturday shocked by the death of the baby, which was, according to the health authorities, not even a year old. It is extremely rare that the disease takes in the case of young people with a severe course. As the main risk group-the Elderly and people with pre-existing conditions apply.

In Spain, until Saturday, more than 5,800 fatalities, the number of victims increased within a day to more than 800. In the fight against the pandemic, the government ordered, in Madrid, the temporary closure of all "not lebenswichtigen" Company. All of the employees of these firms should remain in the next two weeks at home, said the head of government Pedro Sánchez on Saturday evening. A similar rule also applies in Italy.

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    In Germany, the increase in Corona’s case will continue to pay: According to the Robert Koch Institute from Saturday, the number of Infected rose to 6294 on 48.582. The number of dead increased to 325. In the U.S. city of Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University (JHU) reported for Germany, almost 57.700 Infected and 433 deaths.

    In the Chinese city of Wuhan, the starting point of the pandemic, returned on Saturday slowly everyday. The more than two months ago arranged Isolation was relaxed. The entry in the million-strong metropolis is now allowed again, the travel ban still applies to 8. April.

    "A quarantine is not sein&quot necessary;

    Because of the pandemic, more than three billion people still live around the globe at home insulation. For irritation a push by US President Donald Trump, who pulled out due to the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus to the East coast a lockdown of the state of New York and adjoining regions, in recital on Saturday. Reuters/Alex Brandon/AP/dpa But no quarantine for New York: U.S. President Donald Trump to change his mind.

    A few hours later, he stepped back from the project again, which had criticized, among other things, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. "A quarantine is not sein&quot necessary;, Trump wrote in the short message service Twitter. Instead, he instructed the national centre for disease control (CDC), to call the inhabitants of the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for a two-week trip waiver.

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    Corona-Hotspot New York

    New York, with more than 53,000 infection cases, the most affected by the pandemic affected the U.S. state of. In the metropolis of New York City, 672 people died of Covid-19. In the fight against the pandemic, Trump had signed on Friday, the largest rescue package in US history and a war economy enabled the law to force the car maker to General Motors for production of ventilators.

    In France, with 2300 dead, the fifth-highest death rate, was on Friday, the curfew for a further two weeks until 15. April has been extended. From Italy and France, the first seriously ill Corona were on Saturday patients flown to Germany. Two Frenchmen were flown in from the northeastern French city of Metz to eat, six Italians from Bergamo to Cologne. Also the Charité hospital in Berlin after information of the Berlin Senate Chancellery patients from Italy and France.

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