Government plans to protect tenants – the Federal office arranges quota of drugs

Corona-crisis in Germany: 56 people have already died, approximately 19.741 are infected with the Coronavirus. Worldwide, there are over 200,000 Infected. The public life increasingly to a Standstill. All the information about the Coronavirus please see the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Federal Agency for medicines order quota of drugs

Top news (07.02 PM): hamster purchases there is not only noodles, toilet paper or flour is concerned – more and more Germans are hoarding drugs. Now the Federal Agency for medicines and medical reacted products (BfArM), and a General arrangement to the pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical wholesalers to the storage and demand-was just published of medicinal products for Human use (quota). dpa people in Gangelt are waiting in front of a pharmacy, only by the night switch is

With your measures, the authority refers to a recently in the Bundestag, adopted new rules, in the Shi-Fair-cash-in-competition-law (GKV-FKG). This allows the BfArM is active against drug-supply shortages – the authority may, for example, arrange a quota of medicines.

A report by the "German Pharmacist-Zeitung" according to the BfArM will now ask pharmaceutical companies and the pharmacies, wholesale trade, “to supply medicines beyond the normal requirements.” The so-called "versorgungsrelevanten" Drugs, so “medicines that require a prescription sind" and their "Active ingredient for the total population ist&quot relevant; should be divided accordingly. Here you will find the current list of concerned medicinal products.

In addition, hospital pharmacies and hospital supply pharmacist drugs used in the treatment of coronavirus infections may advise a maximum of eight weeks before. For all other active substances, a Limit of four weeks applies.

Federal government wants to protect in Corona-crisis tenant

Top news (07.41 PM): The Federal government is examining how tenants are protected from Income shortfalls due to the Corona-crisis are affected. "This applies to tenants of housing as well as commercial tenants and mieter", a spokesman for the justice Ministry said the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday). The editors ‘ network, Germany (Saturday), said a Ministry spokesman, Rüdiger Petz, who does not pay two consecutive months on his rent, which could be cancelled without notice. "We want to change that and are working to ensure that no one loses his apartment."

SPD faction Vice-Eva Högl said the RND: "Who has due to the Coronavirus pandemic, income failures that can suddenly and through no fault of get problems, to be able to the rent paid on time. These tenants, we need to protect that you be terminated due to a default in payment of the apartments or commercial spaces. The legal expert of the SPD parliamentary group, Johannes Fechner, said the spark-Newspapers: "Both in residential as well as commercial rents, the lease payments would be deferred at the time of the pandemic. The Ministry of justice is already working on the issue. The landlords losses as a result of, because the Rent and then having to pay off." He added: "No one should have to fear that he will lose his apartment because he can’t pay because of the Corona, with the crisis in the rent."

The FDP is pushing for the introduction of a special housing benefits for cases, evidence of massive revenue losses for them, are in need of and for which, otherwise, no transfer access, such as Daniel Föst, construction and housing policy spokesman of the FDP group in the Bundestag, the Funke media group said. The amount of the special allowance should be dependent on the loss of Income and the rent. The housing policy spokesman of the Greens, Chris Boldly called for a suspension of forced evictions in the Corona-crisis.

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