So, Germany eats

Unhealthy life contexts appear to be so, in which Region you live: In the South and East of Germany, more alcohol is drunk in the West for more unhealthy eating. This is the conclusion of a new study, in the regional differences of life style factors in Germany under the magnifying glass were taken is.

An analysis of the data from 9.204 persons living in Germany showed that in East Germany, the most harmful amounts of alcohol, 18.3 percent of the population) consumed (followed by Germany (16.7 per cent), West Germany (14.6 percent) and North Germany (13.9 percent). As risky alcohol consumption of 12 grams per day for women and 24 grams for men. Regardless of the place of residence be a matter of concern alcohol was observed in men and well-educated persons, frequent consumption.

In contrast, the West ate German the most unhealthy (70.6 per cent), on the "besten" cut off the people in East Germany, the fed, but also to 66.7 percent unhealthy. In terms of physical activity and Smoking, no regional differences were observed. Women tend to move less, were eating healthier and smoked less than men.

The authors do not indicate that the data is measured, but by the participants in a survey were given. It could be that unhealthy behaviors are actually even more frequent, because people in such surveys tend to sugarcoat things a little, by "erwünschte" Answers.