“It had a Festival”: the police controlled access to the lake-Steinhuder Meer

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath. More than 6.8 million people with the novel pathogen, Sars have already CoV-2 infected – 183.776 of them so far in Germany.

Because of the threat of Overcrowding, the police controls on Sunday afternoon, the driveway to the Steinhuder Meer in Wunstorf (Hannover Region). This should be prevented, that people can no longer comply with the minimum clearances to protect against the Coronavirus, a spokeswoman for the police announced on Sunday. Only Locals and overnight guests were allowed, day visitors were prevented from further travel.

On Sunday many people on the Steinhuder Meer in spite of changeable weather on the way. Only on whit Monday, the site had to be closed because of Overcrowding. “This was the Festival’s character,” said the spokeswoman. The city and the police have agreed to block the access routes for day-trippers, if the Parking spaces are being utilised to 80 percent. That was on Sunday afternoon, the case. After more than two hours, the access controls were lifted.

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