Protest against Corona-measures: motorcade through Berlin started

The Coronavirus pandemic has the world firmly in its grip: More than five million people were infected worldwide with the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 – 179.928 of them so far in Germany.

Protest against Corona-measures: motorcade through Berlin started

As a Protest against the Corona-measures started in front of the Berlin Olympic stadium in a motorcade. Several dozen cars and motorbikes followed on Saturday morning honking his horn to the eye-catching Porsche from Vegan chef and best-selling author Attila Hildmann. They wanted to arrive in the afternoon in front of the Chancellery. Hildmann (39) was most recently noticed with the proliferation of conspiracy narratives, he had several times called to meetings. To the Start on Saturday morning, he was posing with a German flag in front of the stadium. The police accompanied the action.

Overall, this was announced in Berlin for the weekend, lots of Demos. After a week-long Corona-restriction, there is now no limit on the number of participants is more.

Meetings are on Saturday, according to police at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, the Alexanderplatz, the Large star and in front of the Reichstag logged in. The demands of the protesters are the one to end all restrictions on the fundamental rights by the Corona pandemic. Add to this the elevators, the turned against reche incitement and conspiracy myths.

The Berlin Alliance against the Right had been pre-announced, the supporters of the conspiracy ideologies staged in emblematic places. The one wanted to stand against.

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