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The Robert Koch Institute changes to the assessment-to-mouth protection

While the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) at the beginning of the Cornavirus pandemic did not only the Wearing of a mouth guard is necessary, changes the of the Institute for the evaluation. Since some of the Infected even show no symptoms, the pathogen but nevertheless, it recommends to the RKI from now on, the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection or makeshift masks made of cloth.

Scarce, useful accessory or a mandatory piece of clothing – about masks is discussed in the Corona-crisis again and again. But what are the individual mask types of use? The Robert Koch Institute comes to the Eischätzung: If people wear as a mask, could the risk of Transmission of virus to others reduce.

Customized Evaluation

The RKI has changed in the corona of crisis, his assessment for the Wearing of mouth protection. When people – even without symptoms – wear as a precautionary measure, a mask, could the risk of Transmission of virus to other reduce, it said on the website of the Federal authority. Scientifically this is not proven but. Previously, the RKI had recommended the Mouth guard, only people with acute respiratory diseases. Not everyone who is infected with Sars-CoV-2, I notice that too, it said.

Asymptomatic Ill give the Virus more

Some of the Infected patients, not at all, could give the pathogen but nevertheless, more. Rules for coughing and Sneezing, hand hygiene, and the minimum distance should also be used with masks continue to be met. In addition, there is no sufficient evidence that a mouth-nose cover or a sewn mask protects itself against infection. The RKI refers in its new evaluation on the so-called mouth-nose protection, and makeshift masks made of cloth. An Overview of the various protection masks:

Self-Made Masks

There are plenty of average circulating called the pattern and folding instructions for a self – made Mouth guard or even Community Mask. This is especially against the Background of the shortage of medical masks is not a wise idea, also said the virologist Christian Drosten of the NDR. The protective properties, but depend strongly on the Material and usage. Are woven better suited as a lightweight woven fabrics. A scientifically-proven protective effect of the masks, however, have not. However, it is suspected that you reduce the risk of infection, because they reduce the droplet ejection and the awareness of the need for careful handling and other support. Hygiene rules and distance rules should be adhered to anyway.

Mouth-Nose Protection
These masks are mainly used for the protection of others. In medical facilities, they are currently often in short supply. The so-called mouth-nose protection intercepts also liquid splashes and droplets in the exhaled air of the Person wearing. So the risk of another Person through coughing, Sneezing or Talking, infect, can be reduced. The carrier can also protect the larger droplets from the surroundings. Adequate protection against viruses and bacteria also do not offer, because the masks are finally on the face. Such as small droplets in the air breathed in. Even with these masks, the rules for hand hygiene and the safety distance are more.


The abbreviation for FFP is for Filtering Face Piece – so about filtering face protection. They are distinguished in three classes: 1, 2, and 3. Protect in varying degrees against solid and liquid particles, with 3 being the highest protection class. To protect against Corona-virus, recommend professionals masks the class 2 and 3. Because of the Filter of the FFP-3 mask is very dense, the Breathing so difficult. The mask can be worn only for short periods of time. The medical masks, including surgical masks are currently often in short supply. Many experts argue about this, these protection masks primary hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes to reserve. (vb; Source: dpa)