Coronavirus warning – patient explains the ‘popping’ pain in your ear you shouldn’t ignore

Coronavirus is an infectious disease which has been confirmed in almost 900,000 individuals across the world. Cases are continuing to rise in the UK, and the government has urged the public to stay at home, to avoid becoming infected or spreading the virus further.

One of the first Brit’s to be infected with coronavirus has explained how COVID-19 made his eardrums feel like they were about to “pop”.

Connor Reed, 25, was living in Wuhan, China, when he contracted the virus in November last year.

He revealed that for a number of days, he thought he simply had a cold, before his symptoms took a nasty turn for the worse.

Reed revealed that his sinuses were particularly causing him problems during the middle of his infection.

On Day 22 of the coronavirus, he said: “My sinuses are agony, and my eardrums feel ready to pop.

“I know I shouldn’t but I’m massaging my inner ear with cotton buds, trying to take the pain away.”

Earache isn’t a common sign of coronavirus, but it’s still worth looking out for.

But, Reed did show some of the more classic COVID-19 symptoms, including a high fever and a dry cough.

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The cough came first, and Reed explained that it felt like a cold had run down into his chest.

He had a “hacking cough”, despite his throat feeling like it was constricting.

A couple of days later, he started to develop a fever, and his bones felt like they were aching.

After he struggled to catch his breath, he knew that he had something worse than the average flu.


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Reed wrote a diary of his symptoms from the very first day, lasting more than three weeks, which was published in the Daily Mail.

After a week, Reed wrote: “I spoke too soon. I feel dreadful. This is no longer just a cold. I ache all over, my head is thumping, my eyes are burning, my throat is constricted. The cold has travelled down to my chest and I have a hacking cough.”

Five days later, he added: “Just as I thought the flu was getting better, it has come back with a vengeance. My breathing is laboured. Just getting up and going to the bathroom leaves me panting and exhausted. I’m sweating, burning up, dizzy and shivering. The television is on but I can’t make sense of it. This is a nightmare.

“I feel like I am suffocating. I have never been this ill in my life. I can’t take more than sips of air and, when I breathe out, my lungs sound like a paper bag being crumpled up. This isn’t right. I need to see a doctor.”


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Almost 30,000 people in the UK have tested positive for coronavirus, according to the latest government figures.

Of the 29,474 confirmed cases, 2,352 people have died from the infection.

Everyone has been told to remain at home to avoid spreading the infection.

You should only leave your home to go food or medicine shopping, for medical help, traveling to and from work – where absolutely necessary – and for one form of exercise every day.

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