Position change: WHO is in favour now, but to Wear face masks

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath: more than five million people, with the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV have already-2 infected – 183.089 of them so far in Germany.

Covid-19-News from Germany and around the world – the top stories: WHO is in favour now Wearing face masks in Corona-crisis (09.23 hours), and the tourist high castle turns to "beloved German Freunde" (08.42 PM) Brazil threatens withdrawal from WHO (07.34 PM) number of Corona cases will remain under 500 – the R-value of a state, without new infections (20: 54) increases slightly,

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WHO is in favour now Wearing face masks in Corona-crisis

The world health organization (WHO) has changed its position on the Wearing of face masks in the Corona-crisis. To control infections, you recommend its use in crowded public facilities, informed the WHO on Friday in Geneva. At the same time, the UN warned-organization, however, the masks could increase the risk of disease even if people touch it with dirty hands and contaminated. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: "Masks can also give a false sense of security."

So far, the attitude of the WHO was that Mouth guard only for the Sick, and people who nursed the Sick, would be useful. The mass use was not recommended.

Tedros said the masks could hold hands hygiene, Spacing and the Tracking of patients and their social contacts, not replace it. Masks alone could not protect against Covid-19. Governments should encourage them to wear a Mask, where the transmission of the virus is widespread, and where it is difficult to keep a distance to other people, such as on public transport, in shops or in narrow or crowded areas. The WHO also noted that the sewing of masks representing the people in the situation put to do something against the Virus and at the same time a possible source of income.


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