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Commotio cordis is real and awareness can save lives, experts say

What is commotio cordis?

  • Chest blow–induced ventricular tachycardia and cardiac arrest in the absence of underlying cardiac disease (commotio cordis) is an uncommon, ibuprofen krill oil but important cause of sudden death, often in young people.
  • Commotio cordis occurs in athletes during competitive or recreational sports or is associated with routine everyday activities.
  • Commotio cordis chest blows can be substantial or alternatively appear trivial and counterintuitive.
  • Timely recognition of a commotio cordis event is paramount, as cardiac arrest is reversible with prompt cardiopulmonary resuscitation / defibrillation.
  • Although incompletely understood, the mechanism of commotio cordis requires a precise timing of the blow over the heart to a narrow 20 ms window at the upstroke of the T wave.

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