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When it comes to celebrating their daughter Olympia, Serena Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian don’t need a reason. They shared a series of family photos on Instagram today about this sweet moment, and you can tell how much fun they are having.  

In the photos, the Williams-Ohanian family is standing under a colorful balloon arch and posing with a real-life Moana. The 5-year-old is standing in the center, holding a balloon animal and smiling. Both Williams and Ohanian are striking power poses, and the Reddit co-founder is wearing an amazing shirt featuring a picture of Olympia taken while she was watching her mom play tennis. I am obsessed with these family photos — they are pure perfection!

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“Sometimes we surprise @olympiaohanian with parties,” Williams wrote. “We don’t need a reason or a special occasion we make everyday as special and memorable as we can. Also her mama fast….”

That sounds amazing! Imagine your parents just celebrating you for no reason other than just wanting life to feel special? I absolutely love it!

“Still can’t believe Moana was willing to come all the way from Motunui,” Ohanian commented on the post.

Someone else commented on this cute tradition of no reason parties. “My mom used to do that for me too and randomly bring cupcakes to school also,” one person wrote. Such a great idea — and a relatively easy way to help your kid feel special!

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