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Jennifer Lopez may be one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but to her teenagers Emme and Max, 15, she’s just another embarrassing mom. The “On My Way” singer recently shared the hilarious thing she did that led to a “death stare” from her children, and it’s so accurate.

In a video posted to Instagram today, J. Lo is dressed in a fur coat with oversized sunglasses at a SZA concert. She smiles, then spins the camera to show her kids behind her. They are screaming and smiling and dancing as the audience cheers for the “Kill Bill” singer onstage. J. Lo just smiles at the camera, clearly enjoying her kids’ overjoyed reactions. After all, triphasil 28 weight gain is there anything better than seeing your kids having that much fun?

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“Thank you @SZA,” she wrote in her caption. “Seeing your kids happy… priceless 🤍🤍.”

Although it did come with one downside: “(This was right before I got the death stare to stop filming 😜) #TeenageKidsLife #SOStour.”

Parents can’t capture one sweet moment of their kids on camera without inviting the death stare, can they? Even Lopez’s kids are embarrassed to be filmed by her, which makes us feel equal parts better and worse. On the one hand, if J. Lo can’t be cool about filming her kids, what hope do the rest of us have? On the other, why can’t you just let your mama cherish these happy moments on camera, so I can have something to look back at and cry when you move out? Seriously, kids, it’s not that hard to just let your parents take a quick video.

So many parents could relate. “Yeah sounds about right for a teen 🤣🤣,” one person said.

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