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You might not have heard the phrase ‘sitting like a prawn’ before, but now you’ve read it, you know exactly what it means, don’t you?

You’re most likely in the prawn like posture right now. Hunched over your desk, wax lyrical outlet store curled over like a little frozen prawn.

But fear not, because awareness is the first step to changing your posture, and adopting a new one that won’t leave you with back ache and sore shoulders.

Adam Richardson, an online PT on TikTok, shared a video called: ‘You’re sat like prawn right now aren’t you?’

It’s safe to say we all felt attacked.

You’re sat like prawn right now aren’t you?

But with a few easy stretching steps, you can fix your posture while still sat your desk.

He has three moves to ‘deprawn’ and ‘defrost’ – we’ll take them.

First, cross one leg over other, placing your ankle on your knee, then sit ‘nice and upright’ like you’re ‘reading an imaginary newspaper’.

This should give a stretch on the outside of your butt cheek, as he puts it.

To take it a step further, add in a twist each side of the body by gripping the back the chair and turning your body gently towards it. Take a few deep breaths on each side.

He shows how to modify the position too, if it’s too much on your knees.

Next, hold your arms out to the sides, so you make a T shape.

‘Twist your arms all the way to the ceiling, pushing your chest out to the wall in front of you. Feel a nice little stretch and a wiggle, take a few really big deep breaths before going the other way and letting the shoulders fall forward,’ he demonstrates.

‘Repeat this as many times as you like.’

Finally, he says to put your hands on the back of your head and pull your chin to your chest, before going back the other way and pushing your chest out.

And it’s tips have gone down well in the comments. ‘I feel officially de-prawn’d,’ wrote one user.

Another added: ‘I didn’t realise I’d crack like a glowstick so much.’

It’s important to stretch and be aware of how healthy your posture is.

Personal trainer Chloe Twist, who works for OriGym, previously told ‘Stretching has many physical and mental benefits when it is done regularly, and it is therefore a useful tool if you are looking to boost your motivation, productivity, and overall wellness whilst working at home.

‘Whether you are suffering from neck, back or lower body pain and stiffness or just looking for a way to increase your focus and de-stress, there are a variety of dynamic and static stretching exercises that you can perform.’

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