Toilet paper could cut your bum and genitals, top doctor warns

Over the last fortnight many Brits have been searching for new ways to wipe as a toilet paper shortage hit the country.

Despite that this was down to coronavirus panic shoppers, it seemed that some thought they would never see the white stuff again.

Rationing is taking place in households and some are rinsing with Lota’s – a little jug of water with a spout – instead.

This may be a blessing in disguise, says one expert.

Medical professionals believe that a lack of toilet tissue could be beneficial to the genitals.

They worry say that wiping too harshly can cause cuts and tears to the sensitive area.

Giving up loo roll could also give your intimate zone a rest from chemicals.

Dr Diana Gall from leading online service Doctor-4-U says some toilet rolls are actually hurting our privates.

She said: “Toilet paper can cause hundreds of tiny micro cuts on your labia which can lead to you feeling sore and itchy, as well as being painful.

“Rather than wipe, you should be dabbing your vagina to prevent micro cuts and anal fissures which are small tears around the bottom.

“You should also consider alternative options, such as bidets and shower toilets.”

For those having to stay indoors, she continued: “If you’re currently self-isolating at home, it’s far easier to be able to wash yourself after a visit to the bathroom.”

Some toilet papers are worse than others, she says.

Though, currently people are snapping up whatever type they can get their hands on.

Dr Gall said: “Toilet paper that contains chemicals, fragrances and dyes can also irritate the vagina, causing puffiness and itching that can lead to sores and, in extreme cases, infections.”

“Brightly-coloured toilet paper can also be linked to complications down below as they can irritate you in the same way a fragrant tissue will.”

Dr Gall added: “Chlorine bleach can irritate the skin.

“For the most risk-free toilet paper, opt for one that hasn't been treated with chlorine and contains no fragrances or dyes.”

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In its list of the best toilet papers for sensitive or allergy prone skin, The Toilet Zone recommended Seventh Generation’s Unbleached Bathroom Tissue.

Unfortunately, opportunists appear to have stoked up on the item and are selling it on eBay for £75.73.

Sigh… maybe we will switch to rinsing.

We may have no choice.

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