The Easy Feng Shui Addition To Your Home For A Better Outlook

Flowers are a welcoming addition to any space — most of all, your home. Feng shui encourages the use of natural elements that can bring the serenity of nature into your space, and fresh flowers are a beautiful, simple addition that you can pick up during your run to the grocery store. According to The Spruce, live flowers supply a healthy dose of healing energy that can spur creativity and excitement. But, pictures of your favorite blossom or a high-quality fake option can also create the same atmosphere.

Multiple studies show the mental and physical health benefits of keeping flowers in your space, with many noting the mood-enhancing side effects. According to the HuffPost, having fresh blossoms around you can increase productivity, cognitive performance, and provide a sunnier outlook with less anxiety. Accordingly, feng shui also touts the benefits of fresh flowers as helpful additions to get energy moving. The Spruce explains that flowers are said to symbolize beauty, grace, good luck and abundant blessings. Simply put, they can bring good things to your life.

As for which flowers to choose, you can always opt for your favorite blossom, but different flowers carry various meanings. Spring’s hallmark stem, the peony, is the most romantic flower you can choose. If you’re looking for a boost in that department, you can’t go wrong with the lush scent and feeling of new beginnings, The Spruce reports. 

Different flowers have different meanings

Chrysanthemums are considered a more masculine flower, meaning that they have more yang energy to get things moving, The Spruce explains. Pick up a bouquet to notice an uplift in your energy and help you check off more items on your to-do list. You can also opt for a lotus flower, a classic symbol of peace and serenity in yoga studios and meditative spaces all over the world. According to the outlet, lotus flowers denote purity in the Chinese tradition, which is great for healing and feeling more harmonious.

Orchids bring in fertility, so if you’re starting new projects or looking to conceive, grab one of these stems to help in the process. Know Feng Shui also reports that these blossoms represent beauty and passion. Of course, the color has something to do with this — choose softer, less saturated hues for a calming presence or deeper colors for a more invigorating atmosphere. Cherry blossoms correspond with energies of the heart and the exciting prospect of springtime. Since their only growing season follows winter, cherry blossoms symbolize vibrant health, new hope, and joy.

No matter where you get your flowers, you can always find blossoms that fit your mood and change the energy in your home. 

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