Patients are highly infectious – it is now clear, when they are no longer contagious

A group of researchers from Singapore has not found out in a comparison of various studies that Covid-19-Ill are from a particular point in time is contagious – despite the positive Tests. This finding may have an impact in the future on the duration of Isolation and the dismissal of Patients.

The rate of infection as low as possible – that is the motto in the fight against Corona, as long as there is still no vaccine and no medication against the Virus. Due to the slower diffusion is to be prevented, that health systems and hospitals will be overloaded and collapse, as it was in countries such as Italy, Spain and the US.

A positive PCR Test says nothing about the infectivity of the Diseased

An important criterion for the discharge of patients from the quarantine or Isolation is in many Asian countries, a negative PCR Test at this swabs are taken of the nose and throat, and viral RNA tested.

But now, researchers at the National center for infectious diseases and the Academy of medicine in Singapore have found that Covid-19-patients in spite of positive test results from a certain date no longer infectious. To do this, as well as studies from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries compared, and analyzed.

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As a result, Covid-19-fell Ill two days before the onset of symptoms contagious and a maximum of up to ten days afterwards. They found that the Virus reproduction drops off after the first week, quickly, so that after the second week, despite positive Test results, no viable Virus could be found.

The culmination of the risk of Infection is 0.7 days after onset of symptoms

This Thesis is a study from Hong Kong of 77 Infected-pairs, i.e., one Infected and one Person he has attached to supported. This showed that at a mean incubation period of 5.2 days began, the risk of Infection 2.3 days before the onset of symptoms and their peak 0.7 days afterwards reached. After that, you took off within seven days.

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In a study from Taiwan you could find 22 Infected and the infected people, the transmission of infection from one Person to the next happened within five days after the onset of symptoms and no later than the.

In 95 percent of cases, it takes failure for up to a month to Test negative

Microbiological data of 766 Covid-19-patient from Singapore showed that of the 15. Day after the Occurrence of the disease symptoms, only 30 percent have a negative PCR Test. 21. Day, the proportion rises to 68 percent and from 28. Day to 88 percent. Only 33 days after the disease 95 percent of the Tests were negative.


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  • Five percent of the test group, so the Virus could be up to a month proven. This does not mean, however, that these patients were still contagious. Therefore, the researchers concluded that the PCR Test does not show even viral components, but these are infectious.

    Virus excretion in the first disease week highest

    The test evaluations of 73 Covid showed-19-patients in a local study in Singapore. Just when the viral load in the later course of the disease was low, could be isolated in spite of a positive result, no living, and thus infectious Virus, and is cultivated – from the 11. Day of the disease.

    The results of the German studies were able to demonstrate that the virus excretion in the first week of the disease is very high confirm. The cough expectoration it took between 10. and 11. Day, and in revenge, she was a swab in accordance with the 5. Day no longer detectable. In samples of cervical and lung were able to after the 8. Day no infectious viruses are detected, even though the PCR Test showed a high viral load.  

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    Singapore now wants to evaluate on the basis of these studies, whether Covid-19-Ill may be released early from isolation wards, and this could be exonerated, depending on the course and well-being of the patient. In Singapore, the number of Infected, according to Johns Hopkins University and currently 31.960 – have died so far, only 23 people.

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