Munich: young spray Fuck RKI to the house wall

The Coronavirus is spreading further and further out: In Germany, are already 1.796 people to the consequences of Covid-19 died, 102.888 are infected with the Virus. Worldwide already more than a Million Corona cases were registered. Meanwhile, the United States recorded the most cases in the world. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

The Corona-crisis leaves behind visible traces in the public space, among other things, in the Form of illegal Graffiti on walls with the lettering "FUCK RKI". The "Denglisch" wrote a critique of the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Agency for infectious diseases, was resurfaced in the last few days of sprayers from the left of the scene a few Times, said a spokesman for the Munich police on Wednesday.

The day before, his colleagues had caught two teenagers, said the lettering had to be sprayed with the help of a specially made stencil in black paint on a wall in the city centre. A witness observed the 13 – and 14-Year-old and alerted the officials. Three stripes came from. At a nearby cemetery, the police officers arrested the Teens and took them to their parents.

dpa is A “Fuck RKI”-lettering on a Munich house wall.

For a survey in the presence of the parents, the young people would have to be invite only yet, said the spokesman. Therefore, the motive is unclear, also, whether the two belong specifically to the left of the scene.

Piquant Detail on the edge: Because the Duo lives in an apartment, it has failed with the common spray action against the in the free state requirements for containment of Coronavirus pandemic. How threaten here penalties, must decide according to the spokesman, a court of law. After the Bavaria-wide catalog of fines is the one that complies with any minimum distance of 1.5 metres to the other people have to pay 150 Euro. In this case, also the Cleaning of the wall in question, which is at the discretion of the judge. Especially as the 13-Year-old criminal is because of his age, still a minor.  

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