How to become an early morning workout person

Start slow

Prep your clothes the night before

Remember the end feeling

Have an incredible playlist

Stretch to wake yourself up

A few early morning stretches to try from bed

  • ‘Lying flat, pull your knees into your chest to release the low back. For self-massage, perform a slight side-to-side motion.  
  • ‘Now, a supine twist, still on your back, drop your knees to one side, turning your head and extending the arm to the opposite side. Switch sides. 
  • ‘Bring your knees back to centre and place both feet on your bed. Cross the right leg over the left, flexing the right foot just below the left knee. Neck and back flat on the bed. 
  • ‘Extend both legs out and sit up, fold your body over your legs, reaching for your toes. Reach as far as you can whilst keeping a flat back. The goal is a deep stretch, not to grab your feet. 
  • ‘Finally, sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor and fold again, this time rounding the back, relaxing the neck and letting the arms hang towards the floor. 
  • ‘Give more time and thought to stretching and it’ll keep your body and mind mobile and resilient. It’ll aid posture, injury proof your body and improve general wellbeing.’

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