Healthy diet: Only every Second person knows

How is a healthy diet? About only half of the Germans seem to know right know. A recent study by the AOK-Federal Association shows. Especially men and young people there is a lack of Knowledge.

The Knowledge about how a healthy diet looks like, refer to experts as a nutritional competence. Including any of the following things especially:

  • Nutrition facts label of food to estimate
  • Food to cook for themselves
  • Healthy supplies store
  • Plan meals aware
  • Together with the family/friends to eat
  • Sweets and Fast Food to resist
  • Snacks choose correctly

In Germany it is not ordered to the nutrition of competence, but apparently too well: More than half (53 percent) knows these points, only a little or not at all. A survey of 2,000 people shows eight themes. Women performed significantly better than men: Over half of the female participants (53 percent) showed an adequate nutritional expertise, in men, there were just 38 percent.

A cause for concern, especially the Younger ones. In the age group between 18 and 24 years, only 37.1 percent of the respondents have a sufficient level of competence. “Only one third of the young adults, know how healthy eating works. This is alarming,” says Martin Litsch, Chairman of the Board of the AOK-Federal Association. Also, the connection between higher education and better nutrition competence highlights the need for action. Only 37.2 percent of people with a main or primary school completion, know enough about a healthy diet, in people with a-levels, the proportion is 56.4 percent. “If we want to change course, we need to have the topic of healthy nutrition in our education system and verankern", so Litsch.

Most of the problems the Germans have with this to compare foods to each other, and the healthier the product. About 72 percent of the respondents lack the necessary tools. "It was high time that the traffic light system, the so-called Nutri-Score, was also introduced in Germany. However, it is of no use if the food industry to place the marking of nutrients according to desire and mood on your products darf", Litsch says. Here it is in desperate need of a legal obligation.


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