Every 'Married At First Sight' couple that's stayed married and had children

  • Having a baby can be an equally rewarding and nerve-wracking. 
  • Now imagine doing it with someone you met on "Married At First Sight" — the reality TV show in which people tie the knot immediately after meeting each other
  • While the reality TV show has resulted in many fights, separations, and divorces, some couples have found love and their future families during their time on MAFS. 
  • Here are all of the MAFS couples who had children after the cameras turned off. 
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Getting married, having children, and establishing a family are intense experiences, even if you've known been with your partner for years.

Now imagine doing all this with someone you met on "Married At First Sight" — the reality TV show in which people tie the knot immediately after meeting each other. 

Despite the show's reputation of pairing couples that ultimately get divorced after the season finale, there have been a select few who have decided to start families together. 

Here are the four couples who both stayed together and had children after the cameras turned off. 

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner tried multiple times to have a child before their daughter Henley was born — and Otis is currently expecting the couple's second child.

While the two got off to a rocky start due to a lack of initial attraction, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner quickly became Season 1 fan favorites. 

Because of their shared sense of humor, emotional chemistry, and easy communication, the panel of experts was not surprised when the two opted to stay married after the finale. 

Otis gave birth to the couple’s first child, Henley, in 2017, but has spoken openly about and blogged about her miscarriages prior to Henley’s birth. 

Otis wrote that Hehner was a huge support for her during the grieving process.

“I told him I was trying my best to be strong and remain positive but I just don’t even know how. He just wrapped his arms around me and let me cry,” she wrote  in her blog. 

In the spirit of sharing their life openly with their followers, Hehner and Otis now have a YouTube channel with nearly 50,ooo subscribers dedicated to documenting their life as a family called “Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. With Doug & Jamie.”

Hehner is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child. 

Season 5's Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico announced the birth of their first daughter, Mila Rose, in 2019.

Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico had a few arguments throughout the course of Season 5 — including a conversation about whether or not Petta would take D’Amico’s last name.

Petta tried to suggest an alternative to the traditional (and increasingly challenged) practice by asking D’Amico if he would instead take her last name.

“You want me to have babies too?” D’Amico replied.

Despite their disagreements, the couple ultimately opted to stay together after the season finale. After nearly three years of marriage, they announced the birth of their first child in January 2019. 

Shawniece Jackson revealed she was pregnant with her and Jephte Pierre's first child by giving him a baby sneaker at the end of MAFS Season 6.

Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre had their fair share of miscommunication and arguing on Season 6 of MAFS. Pierre opted to sleep on the floor during the couples’ first week as newlyweds, which Jackson said made her feel insecure and unwanted. 

Despite the inital troubles, Jackson and Pierre opted to stay married at the finale and have been together for more than two years. 

Jackson surprised Pierre with news that she was pregnant by presenting him with a tiny shoe at the end of Season 6. Their daughter, Laura Denise, was born in August 2018. 

“Two years ago we married as strangers, got pregnant and almost didn’t make it to year one. Now two years later, we stand here with our one-year-old daughter, in our house that we bought together, looking at each other — best friends and life partners,” the pair told MadameNoire. 


Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd witnessed their daughter's "scary birth," but emerged from the experience in good health.

Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd made their debut as a married couple on Season 7 of MAFS. The two had easy conversations and on-screen chemistry that the panel of judges loved, which ultimately lead them to stay together beyond the reality TV show’s finale. 

Bergman gave birth to their daughter Olivia in February 2019, but had some “scary” complications. The couple told People that both Bergman and Olivia’s lives were in danger during the delivery, but with the help of hospital staff, both came out of the experience in good health. 

“The second we laid eyes on her, we both knew that she is exactly what we waited our whole lives for,” the couple told People.

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