Coronavirus – the tropical fruit to boost the immune system and protect against COVID-19

Coronavirus is an infectious disease that has been confirmed in more than six million people across the world. You could lower your risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms by eating more mango, it’s been claimed.

The UK has officially passed the peak of the coronavirus infection.

The UK government has advised the public to remain indoors in an attempt to curb the spread of the infection.

Despite nearing the final stretch of the COVID-19 outbreak, hundreds of people are still dying in the UK everyday.

Making a couple of diet swaps could lower your chances of developing serious coronavirus complications, it’s been revealed.

Mango is one of the best breakfast fruits to add to your diet, according to the COVID Symptom Study app, which is developed by the health science company ZOE.

It’s rich in vitamin A, which is crucial in improving the immune system, it said.

A well-supported immune system has a better chance of fighting against the COVID-19 virus.

It’s the first part of the body to react to a coronavirus invader, and eating more mango will help to support the immune system’s function.

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“When your body is infected with a virus, your immune system detects and attacks it,” it said.

“To protect you against COVID-19, your immune system needs to respond swiftly to fight the coronavirus infection, but not overreact to the presence of the virus [or any other infection you happen to catch].

“Many different vitamins and minerals play a key role in supporting our immune function.

“Vitamin A, which can be found in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables including spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, red peppers, mango, papaya and apricots, is just one example.”


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Maintaining a balanced gut is one of the best ways to stay healthy during the coronavirus crisis.

When doing your weekly shop, make sure you pick up a wide range of fruit and vegetables, as well as lean meats, oily fish, nuts, seeds, and olive oil, added the COVID Symptom Study.

You should also avoid eating processed foods, as well as too much salt or sugar.

Combine your balanced diet with regular exercise, and plenty of sleep.


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The government has advised everyone to remain at home to avoid spreading the infection.

You should only be leaving the house for essential work, for exercise, or to collect food or medicine shopping.

More than 277,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK.

Of those patients, more than 39,000 people have sadly died from COVID-19.

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