Corona-crisis: China admits shortage in the health care system – tighter controls come

The pandemic keeps Germany and the world continue to breath! Around 3.7 million people have been infected with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 – 168.320 of them in Germany.

China has been weak, given in its health system. The Coronavirus outbreak had revealed “shortcomings in the prevention of major epidemics,” said the Deputy head of the national health Committee, Li Am, on Saturday. He announced tighter controls and a better Pension.

imago images/Xinhua In a medical University in Xiangtan is the baggage of the students before Entering the premises disinfected.

The health authority will establish a “centralized, uniform and efficient” System, with the faster to respond to crises could be said Li. The back was a handle on artificial intelligence and other technologies in conversation. Also international cooperation should be strengthened.

China had pledged on Friday to support of the world health organization (WHO)-led study on Corona-pandemic. Thereby, the global response to the crisis. China had reported at the end of December for the first time, cases of the new Virus in the city of Wuhan to WHO. The huge country had only officially 4633 deaths, significantly less than other States.

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