Antibody test for coronavirus can now be purchased online for $119

YOU can now buy an antibody test for coronavirus: Test which correctly detects immune cells for COVID-19 in 99.5% of patients is available to purchase online

  • Quest Diagnostics is the first company to make its antibody test available for purchase online 
  • Customers can purchase the test for themselves for $119 without a visiting a doctor’s office 
  • Results will be available online within two days of having their blood drawn 
  • Antibody testing is meant to detect if someone has already been infected and developed immune cells that may help fight off coronavirus  
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Quest Diagnostic Inc said on Tuesday individuals can purchase COVID-19 antibody testing for themselves through its website QuestDirect without visiting a doctor’s office.

Last week, Quest said it was launching its COVID-19 antibody test service for healthcare providers to order on behalf of patients and said it expected to perform more than 200,000 tests a day by mid-May.

Quest said on Tuesday people who buy the test online will be prompted to schedule an appointment for a blood draw at one of its patient service centers, and the test results will be available on the company’s patient portal MyQuest, within two days of the blood draw.

Through QuestDirect, individuals can request for the test and purchase it online for $119, the company said.

Quest Diagnostics has created on online platform for Americans to order coronavirus antibody tests without ever visiting a doctor’s office, clinic or testing sit, the company said Tuesday

The service could help individuals without any COVID-19 symptoms find out if they have been exposed to the virus and have developed antibodies to fight it.

US officials and doctors are eager to get as many people tested for antibodies as possible because the results have been widely looked to as the key signal that the US can start reopening safely.   

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