A colleague is cleaning glasses with it! You have told us how you feel about the mask duty

Although studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of a mouth guard to contain the Coronavirus, have tired of many of the FOCUS Online readers in the meantime. That you could actually have a Benefit of doubt and avoid any activity for which a mask is required.

To be a favourite accessory you will not become comfortable, yet protective masks in the fight against the Coronavirus are important – and this has not only made the world health organization in the past week when they called for the Wearing of a mouth-nose cover, as long as they are used properly. Also, a study by the Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz proved recently its effectiveness.

Now a new study by the prestigious University of Cambridge joins: Together with researchers from the University of Greenwich, the Team has found out with the help of the analysis of different scenarios, that the Wearing of a protective mask, could push the reproduction number of the Virus in the long term to a value less than 1, provided, the mouth guard is compulsory for the entire population will be combined with other measures, such as contact restrictions and distance regulations.

Even if the masks were just an effect of 75 per cent, the result of the researchers, you might even have a R-value of 4 – which great Britain approached in front of the Lockdown to less than 1 shrink.

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“The masks are spinning the biggest Germ”

Nevertheless, the FOCUS of Online Users who have contacted us to show, predominantly sceptical on the subject of mouth guard is mandatory. What may sound in theory, seems to lose in practice its validity. Therefore, complain many of the wrong handling of the mouth, nose, cover, feel, you, therefore, as a “virus spreader”, and doubt their effectiveness, as the following excerpts from readers ‘ letters will show:

“The disadvantages outweigh the advantages, in any case, and it is anyway very doubtful. I saw a very old lady in the business who was constantly with her hands the mask to rectify and in the thoughts and tension even with the fingers under the mask handle – what is an insanity.“ (Tim W.)

“When you look at how each deal with the mask… A work colleague, for example, in the pants pocket, pulls it out, cleans the glasses and she’s back there.” (Petra G.)

“The masks are spinning the biggest Germ that you can think of, if they are not handled properly. You have to change in moisture and masks are disposed of and not week long at the mirror in the car going for a drive to use them again and again when shopping.“ (Karin K.)

“The masks are spinning the pure Virus, which hang like a scarf and hat in the cloakroom, and only for shopping be used. To return home, you will be then kept by soaked in the jacket pocket in addition to a keychain and wallet.“ (Sword In The Storm B.)

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“I get anxiety”

Most Users find Wearing a mask also, as a massive restriction of their everyday lives. The Tenor is largely unanimously, So long as the obligation applies, as long as you do only the bare minimum, and give up other leisure activities.

“I get anxiety, for me it constricted the throat and have the feeling that I’m not getting any air. No matter whether I have a cloth mask, or a medical attractive. I avoid going shopping to send my husband to the store. If I had to go shopping but, then I run like a hunted chicken through the gears and everything that I have not written to me, I forget. For this reason, I order currently everything is just on the Internet – although I’ve always advocated to buy in the local shops. Also, I’m going to/we are in a Restaurant or in a restaurant. I’m really sorry to the shops and Restaurants, but I get as written above real conditions, if I have to wear the mask.“ (Petra G.)

“I try to be as rarely as possible to buy in local shops. After ten minutes, I cannot stand it in front of heat under the mask and get a Gasping – not for health, but for psychological reasons.“ (Jutta C.)  

To donate blood I have also, for nearly an hour with a mask

“I feel under the mask people wear uncomfortable. To me, the contact is missing, or as a seller confessed to me: The friendliness is gone. Therefore, I renounce to a large extent, somewhere to shop. The bare minimum worried about my wife. The weekly market is cancelled, since you have to wear masks (…). To donate blood, I’m also almost an hour with a mask – no, thank you, I was not able to overcome me. I am amazed that the WHO could find no disadvantages for masks. Psychologists there seems to be no.“ (Gerhard H-H.)

“For me, it goes very bad with the mask of duty! It is an imposition, especially if you have to work with it. For weeks, it gives me a low mood, lack of joy in life. Without an Emergency, I will not enter any Shop, shopping comes into question for me. I would also attend the cinema or Theater with a mask, nor would I go on vacation, if I had to wear a mask.“ (Ursula S.)

“After two minutes, I have a feeling of shortness of breath”

However, not only the Psyche of many readers suffering under the mask of duty, there are also many health complaints are one of the reasons for the rejection of this protection measure:

“I geht's not good at all with the mask, especially now that the temperatures are on the rise. I have after two minutes of headache. Add to that I have epilepsy; I often get seizures and, especially in the heat, it’s particularly bad.“ (Adriana P.)

“I have a chronically stuffy nose. After two minutes, I’ve got a headache and a feeling of shortness of breath, after no more than ten minutes, although I anlupfe the mask again and again to get a breath. I avoid all places with a mask of duty and buy, especially online.“ (Bernd V.)

Other to protect, for me, of course

However, there are not only negative votes; other have got used now to Wearing a mouth guard and hope to be able to so contribute, the Virus will hopefully soon contain:

“I’m a chef in a care home. Since the 7. April I wear daily, the Mouth guard, in the beginning it was of course awkward and unusual, but in the meantime, I’ve gotten used to it. Often I also notice that I’m wearing it. It is natural for me – where I can protect others, I do that too. Unfortunately, there are also people in my environment, which is to say: When the mouth protection will not help me, then I’m not carrying him.“ (G. H.)

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