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From the cooler weather to the constant (and thorough) hand washing – our paws are taking a bit of a beating right now. If you’re experiencing dry, chapped hands here are the best hand creams you can buy in Australia. 

1. Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory’s Hand Food is well deserving of its rave reviews. The cream is super hydrating thanks to ingredients like shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow, but still light-weight and non-greasy. Plus it smells absolutely amazing. 

Price: $10 for 125ml

Review: “I love trying different hand creams – I work in a bank and am constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitiser which leaves my hands really dry. This cream is my new favourite – it’s so thick and lush but soaked in quickly and immediately leaves your hands softer. Using it daily my hands are so much softer and I think it leaves a protective kind of barrier too. Love love love!”

2. Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream

Aveeno’s Intense Relief Hand Cream is a winner for long-lasting protection against dry and cracked skin. Its formula offers a 24-hour defence against the elements thanks to the science-backed benefits of oatmeal. Yep, it’s not just a tasty cereal. It’s also fragrance-free for extra sensitive skin types.

Price: $9.99 for 100 grams

Review: “After trying other hand creams I ALWAYS come back to Aveeno Intensive Hand Cream. This cream never disappoints. Absorbs really well , non greasy. I highly recommend it.”

3. Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream​

Avène’s hand cream is super effective for repairing skin lesions, restoring hydration and helping to limit the spread of bacteria. Its formula is hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, preservative free, paraben free, fragrance free, and alcohol free, making it a good options for sensitive skin types. 

Price: $24.99 for 100ml

Review: “I use this anytime I get dry or cracked skin or even when my bub claws me. You don’t need a lot of product and I find it quite fast acting. It seems scentless and has an amazing feel to it. I don’t use this every day but when I do I always get results!”

4. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Kiehl’s Hand Salve somehow manages to be so dang creamy without the stickiness of some moisturisers. Formulated with avocado, eucalyptus and sesame seed oils, it offers a ‘glove-like’ protective barrier to help hands severely dried out by manual labour, exposure to the elements and run of the mill neglect. 

Price: $27 for 75ml

Review: “This hand salve is the only product that stops my hands from feeling dried out. It’s rich and creamy without any residual wetness or stickiness. You only need a tiny amount and it’s the perfect antidote to all that hand washing and sanitiser.”

5. La-Roche Posay Cicaplast Mains Barrier Repairing Cream

With ingredients like niacinamide and glycerin, La-Roche Posay’s hand cream supports your skins protective barrier, even withstanding washing and friction. It’s fast-absorbing with a non-sticky finish so you’ll hardly know it’s there doing it’s super soothing work. 

Price: $16.99 for 50ml

Review: “One of, if not the best hand cream, it is not only moisturising but creates a layer of protection for hands that are washed constantly throughout the day. A little goes a long way, use sparingly.”

6. DU’IT Tough Hands Intensive Repair

If your hands are next-level rough DU’It’s is the way to go. Their industrial strength hand cream has been scientifically tested to repair even the driest and most calloused limbs. Its combination of AHAs and vitamin E will gently exfoliate layers of dead skin while rehydrating. Plus it offers on going protection against moisture loss from repeated washing, chemicals, manual labour and other irritants. 

Price: $11.99 for 150 grams

Review:I have struggled with dry, cracked and irritated hands for almost 2YRS. Nothing seemed to help me, not even the dermatologists recommended products. I tried this 4 days ago (using twice a day mixed in with some steroid cream) and my hands have legit not looked like this since 2015. Highly highly recommend.”

7. The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector

The best selling status of The Body’s Shops Hemp Hand Protector is entirely warranted thanks to its fast absorbing, non-greasy but oh so effective hydration. The formula uses hemp seed oil, which studies have found to be helpful in reducing itchiness and dryness for those suffering from atopic dermatitis. 

Price: $20 for 100ml

Review: “Long lasting hand cream that I don’t feel the need to keep reapplying, its not greasy and my hands feel moisturised. Especially good to put on before I go to sleep so I’m not washing it away. Great not just for dry hands!”

8. WELEDA Skin Food

WELEDA Skin Food is a cult-favourite moisturiser for those with super dry skin. It’s certified organic and natural, making it particularly well loved by parents and sensitive skin types. The balm is made with calendula, chamomile, rosemary and wild pansy, in a thick base of sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil and organic beeswax, so it smells bloody delicious. We’d definitely call this one a before bed number – it’s really rich and hydrating so you’ll wake up with supple AF hands. 

Price: $24.95 for 75 ml

Review: “This is by far the most moisturising cream I have ever used. It has a beautiful, rich texture and has so many uses. I use it every night on my face before bed and when I wake up my skin is really hydrated and has a lovely glow. I have referred this to everyone I know, I couldn’t live without the little green tube.”

9. AESOP Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

The hardest part about applying AESOP’s hand cream is resisting the urge to nibble on your fingers afterwards. It smells THAT GOOD. Along with its blend mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar atlas, it’s packed with skin-softening emollients to keep your hands hydrated .

Price: $33 for 75ml

Review: “Considering how extreme hand washing has become the new norm, my mits are dangerously dry right now. Aesop hand creme is the ultimate salve – it’s nourishing and softening sans the oiliness.”

10. CLARINS Super Restorative Hand Cream

Not only will this hand cream leave your hands soft and smooth, it also offer anti-ageing benefits lifting wrinkles, reducing age spots and restoring volume. It’s definitely on the more expensive end of the hand scream scale but it’s worth every cent. 

Price: $68 for 100ml

Review: “This guy is the absolute jam for dry, damaged, pandemic hands. The ultra-hydrating formula leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished, without that gross sticky feeling. Plus, it gives off the most beautiful scent post-application.”

11. PALMER’S Coconut Oil Formula Hand Cream 

Want to feel like you’re on a tropical holiday in the dead of winter? This hand cream will do the trick. Aside for a delicious coconut scent, it offers rich but quickly absorbed hydration free of nasties like sulphates, parabens, and phthalates.

Price: $4.39 for 60 grams

Review:I love this product – it works, it’s inexpensive and it’s not tested on animals. Highly recommended for dry hands.”

12. KORA Organics Daily Hand Cream

Another stellar option for those after a natural, organic and cruelty-free hand cream formulation. It’s packed with noni extract, avocado and olive oil for a rich and replenishing hand cream without a greasy residue.

Price: $40 for 100ml

Review: “This is my absolute favourite hand cream! It is sooo moisturising and leaves no greasy finish! Plus, the scent is absolutely beautiful!”

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