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HORIBA UK Limited announces that it has reinforced its provision to Academia by launching a new dedicated resource center on its website. This is part of the Company’s ongoing commitment to fully support scientists and engineers involved in academic research and innovation.

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HORIBA has many long and well-established collaborations with the academic community. Through its memberships and partnerships with universities and renowned institutes and its participation in numerous projects, HORIBA supports ground-breaking scientific research and innovation that drives change for society.

The new resource center has been designed for the entire academic community, whether they are at the beginning of their academic journey or looking to further expand their knowledge on the latest technological advancements, tools, and techniques.

Regardless of their level, buy online vermox from india without prescription visitors can access and download an abundance of information, ranging from application notes and training videos to case studies and interactive tools that can assist and enhance academic work.

In the “Educational Hub” a plethora of materials, including e-books, newsletters, and webinars, can help university students to further familiarise themselves with many measurement and analytical techniques. These are used in a huge variety of applications, ranging from microplastics analysis and research at the cellular level up to astronomic investigations of the Universe!

From life sciences and physical science to engineering, earth science, and medical science, HORIBA’s expertise in precision measurement and scientific analysis can support cutting-edge academic work in the fields of automotive development, industrial process measurement and control, environmental monitoring, advanced materials, and healthcare. The new resource center offers support in all of these areas and can be found here.

As an analytical leader in the academic community, we are aiming to share our wealth of knowledge and further assist academic research through our new resource center. We hold extensive expertise in precision instruments, measurement, and analysis which has enabled us to develop and advance a diverse array of solutions designed with end-users in mind.

Our academic resource center expands our offerings in further support of our users and we hope that it proves to be a useful point of reference for them, whether they are at the start of their academic journey or looking to further expand their already in-depth knowledge.

Anna Ellis, Channel Development Manager, HORIBA

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