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Mega trainer Kayla Itsines turns 30 on May 21. And the plan for this milestone birthday is – according to her mum – “typical” Kayla. That is, relaxed, low key and with an unapologetic hint of grandma vibes.

“Honestly, I’m not a party girl,” Kayla tells me, laughing. “I might take my friends and family away somewhere nice, buy generic lipitor nz without prescription if I can. If not, then something small. I said to Mum, ‘I want to have a pyjama party, like a barbecue and everyone wearing pyjamas,’ because it’s always cold here in May. She was like, ‘You’re so boring!’”

There’s no doubt the Adelaidean PT-turned-fitness-megastar has earned a chilled celebration. This particular birthday caps off a decade that saw her co-release a workout eBook, Bikini Body Guide (BBG), which kickstarted the growth of an empire.

In its first year, the Sweat app topped App Store charts worldwide and now offers exercise programs from High Intensity and Zero Equipment (launched during the pandemic) to Post-Pregnancy and the brand-new Low Impact (inspired by her mum’s request for a jump-free, low-intensity routine).

Kayla has led record-breaking international bootcamps; authored four lifestyle books; and been crowned Top Fitness Influencer by Forbes. Not bad for a girl who “grew up with no money… and never thought her programs would ever leave Adelaide”.

As for personal achievements, her proudest by far is becoming a parent to two-year-old Arna, who is “so funny and sassy already – she’s just the best.”

Naturally, the past years have brought struggles, too. These include a battle with endometriosis as well as a separation from Kayla’s fiancé, Sweat CEO and co-founder Tobi Pearce, which the pair announced in August 2020.

It’s these highs and lows, though, as well as her close family support squad, that’ve helped to cultivate Kayla’s strength, resilience and sense of purpose. Even as she reflects on the past decade, she’s already looking ahead to the next.

A big move for 2021? Retiring the term ‘BBG’ from the Sweat platform and replacing it simply with ‘High Intensity’. As Kayla says of the decision, “Things need to move forward. It feels like a positive move for the company and community.”

Community is everything to Kayla. There’s the Sweat one, for which she’ll be replying to Instagram DMs at 3am. Then there’s her personal community that’s all about family, food, strong women and watching Arna run around and eat figs in Kayla’s grandparents’ garden. It’s clear her dedication to both worlds will never change. And that this is only just the beginning.

To read our exclusive interview with the trailblazing trainer, about confidence, regrets of her twenties, feeling empowered and what’s next, pick up the June 2021 issue of Women’s Health Australia, out now.

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