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When it comes to celebrity workouts, Brie Larson ranks up there amongst the top. Already known for her passion for fitness, Larson went all in when tasked with getting in action star shape as Captain Marvel and if anyone had doubted her ability before, she silenced her critics as soon as she burst onto the big screen. Now, Larson is sharing her workouts with her fans, giving us all an insight into not only just how the actress stays in fighting-fit shape, generic atarax from india without prescription but how we can do it, too. 

In a recent video posted to YouTube, Larson shares her more recent workout with WWE superstar, Tegan Nox. It’s safe to say that when you get Nox and Larson in a gym together, you’re practically asking for trouble and the two proved that they are no slouches when it comes to fitness. The dynamic duo began with mobility exercises and stretching in order to warm up, but from there things took a turn and ramped up pretty quickly. 

Larson and Nox then move to weighted arm circles and arm raises, before going to glute bridges with chest presses and a seated overhead press. The workout looks incredibly tough, that much is clear from the visuals, but what’s more shocking is just how superhuman-ly fit these two are, as they are seen chatting away through it all. Larson is barely even breaking a sweat and seems like she could give her Marvel character a run for her money in terms of strength and speed. 

Working out in her fully equipped “Marvel Gym”, Larson has access to a heavy-duty weight rack, a range of kettlebells, resistance bands and so much more. It’s the gym organisation of our dreams, and certainly provides some inspiration for anyone that’s looked to convert their garage or lounge int a gym during lockdown. While cranking out push-ups, Larson revealed that she’s been doing a lot of judo and wrestling, saying: “I would go to the gym and spar for hours.”

Watching the video, even we broke out in a sweat but as Nox so kindly admits, today wasn’t even a hard day for the pair but rather an “easy, off-day workout,” which seems to suggest that for the rest of us at home, there’s no excuse not to try this one out ourselves. Even as Larson says at the end of the workout, “I do feel good even though it was hard.”

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