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  • Actress Eva Longoria, 46, just shared an Instagram video of her trampoline workout right in her living room.
  • It’s one of her favorite ways to get cardio, but she also does a lot of strength training.
  • The Desperate Housewives alum constantly mixes up her workouts to stay fit, and it looks like a blast.

Eva Longoria, coumadin and blood platelets 46, knows that intense cardio workouts can happen anywhere, even in your living room. The Desperate Housewives star and trampoline aficionado shared a trampoline-gram of her latest workout, complete with blood-pumping bounces and weighted leg lifts to the tune of “Despacito.”

“Take the time to find your own rhythm,” she captioned the post. It’s no secret Eva is a BIG fan of trampoline workouts, since she’s been raving about her workouts with trainer Aly Giampolo, founder of trampoline studio The Ness, on the ‘gram. In the video, she’s wearing a cute sage green unitard and sneakers, and using light ankle weights. Eva’s bouncing super high, and honestly I’m a little worried she’s going to hit the ceiling. Everyone else in the comments is here for her strong bod: “I see that booty Poppin 🍑🍑🍑”

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In March, Eva shared a clip from a bounce workout with a workout-buddy friend and said she “couldn’t live without” her trampoline. (Hers is the Ness Trampoline Powered by Jumpsport.) The rebounder workout targets back, core, leg, and glute muscles.

Sometimes, she adds weights for full-body resistance, like this “cute” 5-pound kettlebell or light handweights.

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Eva even travels with her trampoline, bouncing on a boat back in April.

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Eva took up trampolining in November 2020, and it seems like bouncing might run in the family, since her little boy Santiago jumped aboard. (Though to be fair, he looks a little confused about why the floor is moving.)

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Aside from her trampoline, Eva mixes up her workouts with cardio, strength, and flexibility training. “I do a lot,” she told People in 2017. “I’m a runner, I do yoga, I do pilates. I do SoulCycle, and I’m just constantly mixing it up.”

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