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Every astrological sign is unique, and the way the generally accepted features and characteristics of each sign develop and play out differently in each individual person. In other words, no two Gemini are exactly alike. Even so, there are some traits that many folks born under this sign share, for better and for worse. Gemini is an air sign, and folks born under air signs are considered to be intelligent, thoughtful, good communicators, and people who not only envision their dreams, but actually take action to achieve them (via Cosmopolitan). They are also altruistic and have a “live and let live” mentality. 

Geminis, stop cymbalta specifically, are among the most accessible and warm of the air signs. They are also curious, love to learn, and able to explore and retain a great deal of information and are also great at sharing that information and teaching others skills or ideas (via Astrology.Care). They are quick-thinking and expressive; you are very unlikely to ever be bored in the company of a Gemini.

Geminis will always be excited about some new discovery or idea, and will be bursting to share it with you. Their enthusiasm and zeal for life can be contagious and they are great at inspiring those around them. Geminis tend to love music, movies, books, traveling, and creative pursuits (via Allure). They are always moving, and their minds are always going 1,000 miles a minute.

The weaknesses of Geminis

Every sign has its weaknesses, though (we can’t all be great at everything, right?), and Geminis have theirs. As upbeat and engaging as they can be, Geminis can also get nervous and anxious from all of that constant motion going on in their minds. If they can’t find a practical, real-world way to get their ideas and excitement out, they can feel stifled, frustrated, and resentful (via Allure).

On the flip side, when they do get going with their passions and the million things that call their attention, they can sometimes appear flighty to those around them, failing to make solid plans or take care of everyday chores or commitments in favor of chasing the next adventure. This can cause problems in their romantic and professional lives, although they tend to be dedicated and loyal lovers and committed employees if they care about their chosen ventures (via Cosmopolitan).

As communicative as they are, Geminis can also appear incoherent and scatterbrained if they have too much going on at once (either internally or externally), especially if any of those things are in conflict with each other. This is why some people say Gemini, meaning “twins,” is an apt name for this sign because they can appear to have two faces or dueling, contradictory personalities (via YourTango). To help an airy Gemini ground themselves, it’s a great idea to encourage them to get out into nature, touch the earth or the water. Grounding is important to air signs so that they can calm down a bit and re-center themselves.

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