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Dwayne Johnson is probably the closest thing we have to a universally loved celebrity these days. That smile, those arms, that wit, what’s not to love, right? Especially when it comes to Dwayne “The Dad” Johnson. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing huge, tough men get wrapped around their little ones’ fingers, buy generic synthroid nz no prescription and we know that 2-year-old Tia has The Rock wrapped tightly around hers.

Just how tightly wrapped became apparent in his recent Instagram post. The picture featured Johnson holding Tia off the ground with an I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening smile on his face. The caption told the tale.

“Baby Tia said she had to pee pee, so we said no problem honey you have a diaper on. Pee and I’ll change it after,” Johnson’s post explains. But like any self-respecting toddler, Tia had a plan of her own. “She refused to go in her diaper (I don’t blame her:) and asked if she could pee on the grass.” And, because they were on private property, Daddy said yes.

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“But then she decides to renegotiate (again, I don’t blame her),” explained Johnson. “And demands daddy pick her up because doesn’t want to ‘stand on the Lava Monster’ so I have to hold her while she pees…..all over my new white sneakers 😂”

There isn’t a parent alive who hasn’t been peed on at some point by their little one, but as we should all expect these days, some Instagram commenters took exception to the funny photo.

“For the private photo album nice but not for the public,” wrote Instagram user candy.marginean. Other users brought up that sharing a child’s private moments might be inappropriate. “We don’t have the right to share someone else’s private moments — as an adult, share one of yourself going to the loo if that’s what you want — but don’t decide on a kids behalf,” commented Instagrammer PretzelSaturn.

While there is a thin line between what’s OK to share and what’s not OK, we like to give Johnson the benefit of the doubt on this one because as commenter Realztico put it, “You’re a good dad, I know because you could talk about anything but all day all you talk about is your kids, they are always on your mind.”

But we hope he took those shoes off and tossed them ASAP!

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