Your Biggest Financial Problems, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As it turns out, you might be able to blame your unwise spending habits on your zodiac sign. In fact, it’s likely that you might already be able to guess which zodiac signs are more (or less) fiscally responsible than others. Apart from the financial lessons you learned early on in your life, the personality traits that you may have inherited from your zodiac sign could also clue you in on your worst financial habits.

As astrologer Jessie Susannah Karnatz wrote for Refinery29, being aware of how your zodiac influences your financial problems could benefit your bank account in the long run. “Whether you’re a security-driven Cancer or an impulse-driven Sagittarius, take a look to see what your sun sign says about how you spend your dollars, and utilize that knowledge to build the brightest possible future for yourself,” Karnatz wrote for the outlet. “And remember: The only bad spending is spending that is not in alignment with your values and priorities.”

According to your zodiac sign, these are the biggest financial problems that may arise in your life.

Fire signs might indulge more in impulsive spending

As a whole, the fire signs of the zodiac, which include Aries, Leos, and, Sagittarians, are known for being passionate, competitive, creative, impatient, and impulsive — traits that might be dangerous for the bank account (per Women’s Health). Aries represent the competitive aspect of the fire sign trifecta. When Aries utilize this competitive nature, they have the ability to pursue successful financial ventures. However, their competitive spirit, when paired with their tendency to be impatient, could make them miss out on long-term gains. “Be patient when managing and investing your money as your inclination for doing everything now may adversely impact your wealth creation,” astrologer Kim Woods told The Simple Dollar.

Leos like to revel in the luxuries that life has to offer. However, sometimes indulging in these luxuries can cost a pretty penny (or two). As Karnatz told Refinery29, Leos need to keep an eye on their credit cards, as they tend to utilize their credit limit to make big purchases. Similar to their fellow fire signs, Sagittarians struggle with impulsive spending. According to Woods, Sagittarians spend more or less depending on their mood. In the end, reeling in impulse spending could be a wise financial decision for Sagittarians.

Responsible earth signs need to learn how to strategically balance risk and reward

Given that earth signs are generally more grounded, stable, and pragmatic, one would assume that they are better at managing their money. However, while in the pursuit of the perfection that they so desire, earth signs tend to spend quite a bit of money on material possessions (via Cosmopolitan). Taurus typically embodies that pursuit of material luxury and comfort, though they tend to balance that desire with a love for managing and growing money. “Ruled by Venus, Goddess of Money, the bull is one of the best moneymakers of the zodiac,” astrologer Lisa Stardust wrote for Girlboss. “A diligent worker, Tauruses are known to indulge in earthy pleasures and often splurge on luxuries as treats for their laborious work.”

Unlike Taurus, perfection-seeking Virgos tend to be less adventurous when it comes to spending money on the things they desire. “Letting go of control just a bit, however, is key for you to attract money more easily into your life,” Woods told The Simple Dollar. “This mitigates your tendency for overwork and allows you to spend more time investing your money wisely. Full enjoyment comes to you when you spend time playing as well as working.”

And, of course, as you might have guessed, ultra-responsible Capricorns are perhaps the best at handling their finances. Instead of tackling all financial responsibilities on their own, Woods recommends learning how to delegate money-related duties to those they trust so that they can actually enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The indecisive nature of air signs may be a drain on their bank accounts

While air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) tend to be a bit more intellectual than other signs of the zodiac, this commitment to the pursuit of knowledge could result in a flightiness that detracts from any money-saving ventures. In general, Geminis possess this flightiness in shifts, often alternating between saving money and spending money in extremes. Woods recommends overcoming this unpredictability by seeking support through professional money management resources.

Libras are just as indecisive when it comes to money management. However, when they learn how to lean on others to manage their financial decisions, their zodiac sign nearly guarantees an abundant return on their investments. “With your Sun sign in Libra, you have an affinity to Venus, who is all about money,” Woods told The Simple Dollar. “When you commit to cooperation, partnership, and teamwork, you attract money to you. Align with your natural abilities to negotiate, advocate and mediate or to be creative, artistic, and musical to make money.”

Similar to their air sign counterparts, Aquariuses tend to overthink their finances. Instead of taking care of their immediate financial concerns, an Aquarius is more likely to invest in future ventures. This bad financial habit can be fixed by relying more on technology that allows you to crunch the numbers with ease (via

Water signs use their heart to make financial decisions

Contrary to air signs, water signs use their heart instead of their head to make important decisions. And, as you might have already guessed, this reliance on intuition and gut instincts can be bad news for the bank account (via HelloGiggles). Cancer signs are especially ruled by their emotions, as they value making enough money to take care of others. As long as Cancers remain focused on taking care of their own finances, they are likely to fare well in future financial endeavors (per The Simple Dollar).

Though Scorpios are still ruled by their emotions, they do possess the ability to cast their emotions to the side when dealing with financial matters. The only obstacle that a Scorpio faces is themself since a Scorpio only succeeds in proper money management when they are fully invested in building their wealth. When they are not fully invested in this pursuit of wealth creation, it will surely show in their bank account balance (per Refinery29).

Pisces truly detest money management. In general, Pisces are dreamers — and financial strategy just zaps this creativity that they desire on a daily basis. To combat this disdain for financial planning, Woods suggests making money management fun and imaginative. “Money management isn’t your strongest skill, so getting support to manage your finances is the first step for wealth creation,” Woods told The Simple Dollar. “The key for you is to have fun and be imaginative when it comes to money.”

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