This Perfect Movie Reenactment From Drew Scott’s Son Parker Is the Sweet Content We Didn’t Know How Much We Needed

Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan have become known for sharing heartwarming and cheesy photos and videos of their son Parker, 1, and we are 100% here for it! The HGTV star posted a photo and video on his Instagram showing his son Parker totally entranced by the movie The Lion King. And of course they had to recreate the iconic scene where Simba is lifted for all the animals in the kingdom to see.

“Circle of Life 👶🏻❤️,” Scott captioned the post.

In the main photo Phan lifts her baby boy above her head. He’s dressed in orange, looking a whole lot like the young cub. Both he and Simba have their arms bent and look uncertain about the whole ordeal. It’s one of the best recreations we’ve seen in a while. You’ve earned a 10/10, Scott fam!

Commenters agreed that this moment was so sweet. “This is the best ❤️.” “Awww😍❤️.” “I don’t think there’s any kid that didn’t love this movie ☺️ He’s too cute 🥰🥰”

One person said, “Enjoy your child’s growth to the fullest, because they grow up so fast.” They definitely do — although not quite as fast as Simba does in his classic montage with Timon and Pumbaa. And, as someone pointed out, he’ll probably be a lot bigger than his petite mama if he takes after his dad (check out their height difference below).

“He’ll be lifting linda soon😂.”

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