Parent Shamers Are Now Trying to Come for Drew Scott’s Son’s Hair & People Need to Relax

Yet again, parent shamers are trying to rain on Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s parade. For a while, people tried to shame them for posting pics of their son Parker without showing his face, and now, they’re shaming them for not cutting his hair? (You read that right.)

On Sept 22,the It Takes Two co-author shared a seriously sweet photo of him and his son about to start the most adorable band on the planet. He posted the photo with the caption reading, “Band name: Parky & the Pop (who can do better?)”

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In the photo, we see Scott holding onto his handy dandy acoustic guitar, looking down at his son Parker, who also has a guitar in hand.

Now, you may or may not have noticed this, but Parker has a little baby bum on his head. This isn’t particularly new, because Parker has been sporting longer hair for quite some time (and even a mullet at one point). But instead of going “aww” and moving along, strangers have commented on what Scott and Phan should do with their own son’s hair.

One Instagram user wrote, “He’s a cutie, please cut his hair! No baby bun!” More users added comments like “Yes definitely cut his hair🥰” and more simple ones, saying, “Cut his hair!” One even dared to write, “I thought you had a boy? Is that a baby bun? 🙄🤡”

Truly, it’s no one’s business how or when they decide to cut their own son’s hair. Luckily, many others agreed with that sentiment, and replied to the shaming comments. One wrote, “People!! It’s None of Ur Business how Other Parents have their Babies Hair!! It their Baby – Not Yours!!”

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