Olivia Munn's Son Has Hit the Toddler Milestone That Every Parent Dreads

Welp, it’s happened. Olivia Munn has officially reached one of the worst toddler milestones with her 1-year-old son, Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney — and there’s no going back now!

The Hit-Monkey actress, who shares Malcolm with partner John Mulaney, shared a new video to Instagram yesterday of her little boy’s latest shenanigans, and it would be cute if it wasn’t so scary…

In the video, a pajama-clad Malcolm reaches up on his tip toes to grab the door handle with one hand. The other hand is supporting himself on the door frame, allowing him to pull the handle down quickly, which opened the door. “You opened it,” Mulaney tells his son in the video.

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“He’s opening doors now???” Munn wrote over the video, then added the caption: “Oh no… 🫣 I’m not prepared! Aggghh!!”

Nothing can prepare you for a toddler gaining independence. I don’t care how baby-proofed you think your house is, or how many previous children you’ve had, each new toddler brought into this Earth is born with unique ideas for getting up to no good. They are like little criminal masterminds — especially when it comes to finding the good chocolate or ruining your new makeup or putting themselves in danger if you look away for 0.2 seconds.

It’s all part of this fun thing we call parenthood!

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