More deadly than Corona: China reported an unknown lung disease – denial follows immediately

In Kazakhstan, the grass is a “unknown pneumonia”, which is more dangerous than the Coronavirus is magnetized according to the local Chinese Embassy. Kazakh media described the disease as “a normal pneumonia,” the health Ministry called the message “Fake News”. Nevertheless, 1772 people have died.

The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan has warned of a new “unknown pneumonia”, which is currently in focus in the Land of grass. According to the authority, the disease could be deadlier than the Coronavirus. The Embassy has warned Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan prior to the pneumonia. The cases were increased lately by leaps and bounds.

The death rate of this disease is much higher than that of the novel Coronavirus, the Chinese Embassy. “The health authorities of the country carry out comparative studies on the lung inflammation Virus need to identify it yet.” According to "South China Morning Post" would emphasize Kazakh officials and the media, but that it is only a “normal” pneumonia.

Kazakhstan: 1772 had already died of unknown pneumonia

The Chinese Embassy urged its citizens in Kazakhstan now, stay in the Free limit and over-crowded to avoid public areas. You are also invited to preventive measures, such as Wearing a mask, the disinfection of rooms and frequent hand washing.

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According to the Embassy of the outbreak, the focus is so far on the regions of Atyrau, Aktobe and Shymkent, which together would have today, there are nearly 500 new cases and more than 30 severely ill patients. Overall, had died earlier in the year, 1772 people with pneumonia, some of which were Chinese. Alone 628 of the deaths had occurred in June.

"Daily about 300 people with pneumonia in hospitals gebracht"

Also in the capital, Nursultan, the number of pneumonia cases have doubled compared to the previous year, CNN reports, citing the Kazakh news Agency Kazinform. Typically, up to 200 people would be delivered in the Nursultan the day in hospitals, cited by the news Agency the head of the health Department of Nursultan. “In the last few days, every day about 300 people with the diagnosis of pneumonia were taken to hospitals.” Some would be home treated.

The Ministry of health of Kazakhstan has noted the statement by the Chinese Embassy as "Fake News" referred to. "Some Chinese media published information about a new type of pneumonia in Kazakhstan are falsch", the Reuters news Agency quoted the Ministry.

Kazakhstan is struggling, meanwhile, to continue with an increase in Coronavirus-Infected. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University have been infected in the country so far 53.021 people and 264 died. Since the weekend, life in Kazakhstan is restricted once again.

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