Momsessed: Comedian and TikTok Sensation Kat Stickler's Parenting Essentials Include Hydrating Skincare & OneRepublic

Comedian Kat Stickler is known for her hilarious and relatable TikToks. When she isn’t imitating The One Friend Who’s In A Delusional Relationship – “I know he hasn’t gotten better but he might!” – or impersonating her Hispanic mother in a way that has commenters saying she’s Sofia Vergara’s character from Modern Family, Stickler is sharing an intimate look at her own life as a mother. 

She is a single mom who has amassed more than 10 million TikTok followers (and major sponsors like Swiffer and Olay!) all of whom have gotten to know her sweet 3-year-old daughter MK. Stickler shares their precious snuggle seshes, the adorableness of having a toddler helping her with her morning routine, a recent birthday party incident that has the internet divided (but Stickler is sticking to her guns), and a touching look at how she helps MK adjust to her parents’ divorce.

Stickler tells SheKnows that the way she parents her daughter keeps adapting and changing. She’s learning what works for her and what works for MK as she gets older. It’s this ever-present evolution that most parents go through, and right now, Stickler says her parenting style is a combination of “old age” and “new age” parenting.

“There are so many traditional parenting techniques I appreciate that allow me to provide her structure and safety…with a healthy mix of new age parenting where she can express her emotions and I can help her understand them. I do my best to give her the world while teaching her to appreciate the little things.”

MK isn’t the only one Stickler is teaching. She’s been a role model for her followers and has important advice that all moms need to hear.

“Just to be kind to yourself, parenting isn’t easy and we are all just learning as we go. You’re going to mess up, and it’s going to be okay!” Below, Stickler shares the parenting essentials that help her and MK get through each day, one snuggle, one laugh, and one good read at a time.

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