Luke Evans Shows Off Body Transformation After '8 Months of Hard Work': 'I Got There'

Luke Evans is ripped.

The Beauty and the Beast actor, 41, showed off his body transformation in before-and-after photos on his Instagram on Friday.

In both shots, Evans smiles as he poses shirtless against a white wall. The after picture shows a chiseled Evans with noticeably defined abs.

"8 months of work but I got there. June 2020 – February 2021," the Welsh actor captioned the post.

Evans added, "I won't bother putting statistics as the judges will only judge. #fbf#nearly42 💪🏼💥✌🏼."

Evans will turn 42 on April 15, and it's clear his goal is to only get stronger.

Earlier this month, he gave some insight on his workouts by posting a picture of himself shirtless with a band and an exercise ball behind him.

"Home gym training is so great…. 👎🏼🤬👎🏼🤬👎🏼🤬," the Dracula Untold actor sarcastically remarked. 

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Evans typically takes on roles that have a muscular physique, resulting in an intense fitness plan.

"When I'm training hard the diet is miserable," he revealed during a 2014 interview with Men's Health U.K

"I love my food and I like wine and it's really tough," Evans shared. "What I miss most is alcohol. When everyone is having a drink and you can't it stops you going out as much. Booze is a nightmare for empty calories and you can't train the day after. Socializing and enjoying a night out — not doing that is the hard bit."

However, when the opportunity is there, he eases up on intensity. 

"It's good for your body to have a break," he told the outlet. "Even when you're training you have to have a cheat day every week. The body reacts better to training if you give it intervals of not training or you relax the diet." 

Evans added, "I don't need to be super-ripped all year round. That's a pretty miserable way to live your life."

It's unclear whether Evans' latest transformation is for a role or his own personal fitness goals.

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