Hims & Hers Are Trying to Change the Conversation Around Men's Sex Toys & We Got A First Look

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The last few years have been an embarrassment of riches for vulva-owning people learning about themselves and their bodies via sex toys — but there’s still a bit of stigma for penis-owning individuals accessing that same joy and pleasure. In the spirit of busting that stigma and opening up the different kinds of sexual pleasure for cis-Men and people with penises, health and wellness brand Hims & Hers are launching two brand new toys to try and reframe the conversation for couples and solo players.

“Consumers rely on Hims & Hers as a trusted brand, delivering innovative products that help them take control of their daily lives,” stated Dr. Peter J Stahl,  Urologist and Senior Vice President of Men’s Reproductive & Sexual Health for Hims. “Sexual wellness is a crucial aspect of overall health, and our cutting-edge solutions empower people to prioritize it. We are committed to breaking down stigmas surrounding difficult conversations and creating a safe, judgment-free space for our customers.”

I’m a firm believer that a good sex toy, in addition to getting you off, can get you and your partner more connected by starting those all-too-important explicit conversations around what feels good and what intrigues you in the bedroom. Prostate play for heterosexual cis-men carries some unnecessary stigma that ultimately just denies a world of pleasure for all parties involved — so the more toys on the market that are approachable and accessible can do wonders for breaking down those barriers and making way for safe, satisfying sexual fun. And best of all, SheKnows got an exclusive first look!

So I’m thrilled to introduce you, sex toy lovers, to these two toys: The Thrill Ride Prostate Pleasure Massager and the Standing O Pleasure Rings from the brand — both representing some fun, exciting and boundary pushing fun you can introduce into your sex life. Here’s the DL on both:

Standing O Pleasure Rings

I am a big fan of introducing cock rings as the first partnered sex toy if you’re a beginner. A lot of the anxieties that a cis-male partner might experience when it comes to introducing toys come from the feelings that the toys “replace them” or threaten their confidence and performance. And with a pleasure ring? Those fears are totally soothed.

Designed to be worn during intercourse, the Standing O Penis Rings grip the shaft of a penis using a soft, body-safe silicone to help a penis stay hard for longer and experience heightened sensation. It’s also got this amazing (and chic) ribbed design that can help the partner being penetrated get a little more stimulation (coital alignment technique girlies, rise up!).

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