Here’s Why You Should Think Twice About Sleeping With A Fan On

If you live in a busy area or need to snooze when others are awake, you might enjoy sleeping with a fan. The white noise a fan provides may help you fall asleep and keep snoozing through mild noises that may otherwise be disruptive that occur while you’re in dreamland (via Sleep Advisor). According to the National Sleep Foundation, white noise helps light sleepers stay asleep, creating an ambiance conducive to fewer disruptions.

For some people who sleep hot, the air from a fan also helps keep them cool as they doze. If you sleep with your door closed, which could help in the event of a fire (via Erie Insurance), the blowing device helps keep the air circulating. Sleeping with a fan probably seems entirely risk-free. However, while it doesn’t pose serious health risks, there are some surprising drawbacks to turning on the breezy device before you hit the hay (via Healthline). Of course, you have to decide if the device’s benefits outweigh any possible negatives based on your situation.

The surprising truth about sleeping with a fan

While sleeping with a fan won’t make you ill, it could exacerbate symptoms if you have some common conditions. The breezy conditions could cause you to produce more mucus because the fan might dry out your nose, throat, and mouth (via Healthline). Similarly, the constant airflow could cause dry eyes and skin, but if you need the fan for white noise, using moisturizer and eye drops could alleviate this problem. Keeping a glass of water close to your bed every night could also help alleviate a dry mouth. 

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, using a fan every night could make the situation worse (via Sleep Advisor). The blowing air could stir up pollen and other allergens, causing an uncomfortable reaction. Plus, Healthline noted that the blades tend to collect dust, leading to itchiness, watery eyes, and sneezing. Finally, if your fan blows directly on you as you snooze, you might wake up with sore muscles because the cooler air will cause you to tense your muscles, causing soreness. 

While sleeping with constant air blowing every night could aggravate some health issues, it can be a massive help if you need a fan’s white noise or cooling effects. When deciding what to do, you have the weigh the pros and cons. If your fan is interrupting your sleep due to allergies or other problems, it’s probably best to turn it off and see how it goes.

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