Here’s Why We Find The Scent Of Vanilla So Attractive

Scents can be a powerful persuasion. And we must say we have noticed you are really flexing your strength if you are able to say no thank you to fresh baked cookies out of the oven. Or walk past the flower shop that is just bursting with notes of fresh soil and soft lavender without wanting to go in. What we most enjoy taking a whiff of varies depending on our individual preferences. But there are a few scents that are just oh so delicious, it would be hard to find someone who would be put off by them.

Take vanilla for instance. Most of us know what it is, but its origins are a little more mysterious to some. Vanilla is the edible part of an orchid plant. It is considered to be both a fruit and a spice (via Eat Something Sexy). Vanilla is both nostalgic and fresh. Warm yet invigorating, and universally enjoyable. There are many reasons (or layers) as to why many of us find the scent of vanilla so attractive.

Smelling vanilla has proven to make us feel happier

To begin with, sweet vanilla is a known aphrodisiac (via Byrdie). And getting a whiff of anything that makes us feel a little more “excited” is a welcoming scent for us. On top of this syrupy scent putting us more in the mood, it also has a calming effect. In the study, Effects of Fragrance on Emotions: Moods and Physiology, an investigation on aromatherapy and its impact on stress was done. And as it turns out, smelling vanilla bean ranked remarkably high in its stress-relieving capabilities (via Chemical Senses). On top of relieving our stress, another study conducted by the Indian Journal of Pharmacology concluded that the aroma of vanilla can act as an antidepressant and make us feel happier (per NCBI).

If you are reading this and immediately have the urge to sip on a warm vanilla latte, light up a vanilla bean scented candle, and walk through a spritz of vanilla perfume, then trust us. You’re not the only one. After all, there are few scents that can make us feel both calm and aroused at the same time. All the while flooding us with warm nostalgia of our favorite sweet treats.

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