Help with irritable bowel syndrome

The gut is a very sensitive. He gets out of Balance, for example by pathogens, a übereifriges immune system, or the Psyche, the often by complaints such as constipation, diarrhea, or abdominal pain. In the new series “Good gut feeling”, the start illustrated in the current issue of the New pharmacy, it’s all about gastro-intestinal health.

In the first part of the series "Good Bauchgefühl" digestive expert, Professor Dr. Martin Storr explains how the irritable bowel syndrome manifests and what helps according to the latest findings against the complaints. Among other things, the expert, what is the FODMAP diet is and how the disease can help explains.

Many women struggle during their period with pain. For some, they fall so hard that you can cope with your everyday life. Do you suffer from endometriosis, a chronic abdominal disorder. This is true, an estimated one in ten women. More about Professor Dr. Sylvia Mechsner, Director of the endometriosis center at the Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin, explains in his contribution to a Strong rule pain is normal to

The price puzzle: The competition of the current edition there are again 500 Euro to win.

Other topics include: it helps fight pimples and blemishes in the summer, Finally, seniors: Now is the time for the New The makes bite wounds so dangerous

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