Berkeley Lights Completes Acquisition of IsoPlexis Forming PhenomeX, the Functional Cell Biology Company

Berkeley Lights, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLI), a life sciences tools company, today announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of IsoPlexis Corporation (Nasdaq: ISO), a company empowering labs to leverage the cells and proteome changing the course of human health. The newly combined company has been renamed PhenomeX and its common stock will begin trading on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol "CELL" at market open tomorrow.

PhenomeX is positioned to be the leading provider of life sciences solutions that have the greatest impact advancing the era of the phenome as the next revolution in biology and medicine unfolds. Its brand reflects the Company's mission to empower scientists to leverage the full potential of each cell and drive the next era of functional cell biology that will advance human health. The new company aims to offer a compelling value proposition to customers, partners, and shareholders by:

  • Offering an expanded product portfolio at different price points with a focus on recurring revenue;
  • Growing its share in a larger cell biology market through expanding its diversified customer base
  • Enhancing its commercial scale and execution;
  • Delivering $70 million in cost synergies to pursue profitability and advance the path to cash flow breakeven; and
  • Serving as a platform for further consolidation in the high-growth, single-cell biology tools space.

The successful combination of Berkeley Lights and IsoPlexis lays the foundation for a financially strong life sciences tools company. In 2022, the two companies generated combined revenues of approximately $95 million, and the new company now has an installed instrument base of more than 400 units, including those placed with each of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies and approximately 85% of comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. PhenomeX will have a global commercial footprint with more than 100 talented customer-facing employees. This increased commercial footprint will vastly strengthen its ability to reach academic, biopharma and CRO companies across all geographies with an accelerated product roadmap. PhenomeX will also be significantly advantaged by an expansive intellectual property estate of more than 600 patents, giving the new company an edge unmatched by its competitors in the market.

"Today begins a new chapter as we bring together two industry pioneers focused on empowering researchers to make breakthrough discoveries by leveraging the full potential of functional cell biology. As PhenomeX, we intend to continue our transformation into a growing and sustainable life sciences company and advance our path to profitability by accelerating our progress across every core pillar of our strategic plan. I look forward to working closely with our team to capture the significant opportunities we see ahead to power the next revolution in science and medicine while delivering value for our shareholders."

Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D., chief executive officer of PhenomeX

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